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Digital Order Status

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Digital Order Status

In QSRs, often you need to display the order status for the users so they know when to collect it once it is ready. This can be easily done with this app.

How will the Digital Order Status help you?

  • Customers can know the status of their order
  • It helps you manage queue easily
  • Human errors reduce here since they can check which exact order they are preparing
  • Customers need not wait in the line once they place their order. They can directly collect it once it is ready.
  • This improves the customer experience and helps manage things during rush hours.

Steps to use the Digital Order Status app?

  • Login to your dashboard with DotSignage
  • Go under the App Store section
  • Go into the app ‘Digital Order Status’
  • Input the needed details for every order to display the status on the screen
  • Publish, link the app to device and go live

Why choose DotSignage?

  • It’s quick and easy to use

    It just takes a few minutes to get the order display set up on the screens.With a simple training you or your staff can get started and make it easier for the customer to know their order status.

  • Helps you add more to your customer service

    The queue is managed quite well. Diners know when to expect their final order which makes it a good experience and service for them.

  • Lets you easily manage rush hours

    Customers expect their orders to be delivered asap but in case of rush hours it could get a bit longer and there is nothing you can do about it except try to speed things up. In that case, displaying the order status can do a lot in easing things out.

  • Is competitively priced and best in market

    The system is competitively priced with many things to offer. It does not just limit itself to one thing. With many apps including that of the digital order status, the customer is free to choose whichever app they want as per their need.

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