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With easy to manage digital menu board displays, our partnered food-courts like Star Mall, managed to upgrade customer ordering experience.

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Star Mall - Kolkata

Being a food court, they have multiple outlets each having extensive menus. On weekends during peak hours, it often used to get difficult to manage the queues due to use of paper menus.

With digital menu boards in the picture, it gets easier for the visitors to have a quick look at the menu and decide which order to place. This saves time both for the food-court outlet as well as the visitors.

jucies and more kolkata menu boards

The Solution

The team at the mall chose DotSignage and employed Amazon Firesticks to link the device to the portal. Now any update is as smooth as changing wallpaper in your mobile.

Multiple devices can be managed with ease. Background videos on menu cards are getting played to engage customers. They can also schedule time specific menus.

Core features being used!

Simplified features helping in adding more value to the services at Bagel Market!

drag and drop

Multi-device Management

Control content on multiple devices placed remotely all from a single dashboard!

schedule your content on tv

Advanced Scheduling

Using scheduler to display menu at different times of the day

digital menu board

HTML Content

Making use of HTML content to display to have a nice feel on the menu

How things changed after DotSignage at Star Mall?

  • Menu updates could be easily managed from a single dashboard for multiple screens
  • The cost of the menu reprints is saved and the staff can focus on preparing and serving orders instead of manual menu updates that require more time and effort.
  • Menu updates are much easier compared to getting them designed and updated every time
  • Different kind of content format including HTML, images and videos can be easily updated through the portal
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