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Display sales figures, projections or overheads with clients or team mates easily by connecting your google sheets on TV via our app.

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Why choose DotSignage?

Helps you present and share your ideas on the big screen

If you have your content ideas listed down on Google sheet, you can easily discuss the numbers with the teammates to get the final report and get your work done.

The process of using the app is quick and easy

A lot of times during presentations and meetings, it could be that your boss or manager might ask for the list of calculations you have made for reference. In such a situation, you can use google sheets to make the discussion easier.

Anyone from the team can use this app

If due to certain reasons, if you are not able to take care of the figures or estimates in the sheet then anyone from your team can as well gain access to it, present it on the big screen and take it further with the other members without having to wait.

Access the work saved from anywhere

Since the system is cloud-based, anyone from anywhere can access it. Though this feature is in-built in google doc, how dotsignage helps is that if you are to have a conference virtually and update the sheets to get the job done.