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bagel market new york digital display menu
mission nutrition hicksville ny signage

Smoothie Bar

Mission Nutrition, New York

"Great Service & Product"

The team at DotSignage was accommodating and made the setup process super easy. DotSignage is an excellent solution if you're looking for a digital display menu with a cloud-based solution. I found DotSignage to be the most convenient, easy-to-use, and affordable solution for my project. I highly recommend it!

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garuda mall food court digital signage

Food Court

Star Mall, Kolkata

Star Mall has a food-court that has many small joints offering some good food. To make the customer experience more enjoyable, they employed digital menu boards.

The only problem they faced was the updates on the menu. Everytime an update was to be made, they had to do it manually using a pendrive.

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bagel market new york tv screen menu


Bagel Market, New York

Bagel Market is known to serve its fresh homemade hand rolled bagels across New York. They also have many unique cream cheese flavours and speciality butters. 

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best-wingers new york using digital menu-display

Chicken Wings

Best Wingers, New York

Serving New Yorkers some of the best chicken since 1995, Best Wingers offers a chicken menu that you cannot just resist. They procure some of the finest chicken and make sure their chicken is 100% cholesterol free.

How DotSignage is used at Best Wingers?

Best Wingers has two TV screens wherein they display their food menu and menu items as well. They are using our playlist feature wherein images of their menu and good quality food items have been timed and sequenced to be displayed on the TV screen.

Upload own food images

Advanced Scheduling

Sequenced playlist

Easy updates to menu

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