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Digital Signage Features

Easy-to-use menu board template editor!

Right from the type of background, different kinds of fonts, various layering options, tons of stock images to using your own images, everything is in your complete control.

You can either go on to create a template from scratch or pick up in-built templates created by our team and go on to customize it or edit it as per your needs.

Easy alignment and formatting options
Easy alignment and formatting options
Tons of stock images

Tons of stock images

in built templates

700+ in-built templates

Instant edits and updates

Instant edits and updates

Variety of shapes and icons to choose

Variety of shapes and icons to choose from

Use your own images as well

Use your own images as well

Digital Signage Apps

App store

We have different kinds of content specific apps integrated into our system that can be set up almost instantly. We also have a variety of news channel feeds apps that are majorly viewed across the globe.

These apps are easy to setup and use. With different kind of content displayed on your screens, it helps create more engagement for your customers and also helps you gain more loyalty.

Manage multiple TVs from a single dashboard

You can Group multiple TVs and push content at the same time to them and also keep a track of what is being displayed on the TV.

You can also create a slideshow to display both the apps as well as your own content on the screens at the same time.

manage multiple TV's with digital signage

Features included in every plan

access and roles

Assign roles

Different users can be given access to different sections of the panel to restrict them and delegate the work roles in the right way.

media liberary for signage


The images or videos once uploaded are stored in the library section of the dashboard in case you want them for a future use.

publish your content on signage


Getting the content published and going live just takes a few minutes. Once the hardware is linked to the system, it does not need to be relinked everytime there is a content change.

schedule your content


Content can be planned well in advance. If you have content for a specific day, you can schedule that as well with the rest of the content playing in a loop the next day.

group display screen

Group Devices

Instead of pushing the same content to multiple screens one after another, you can go on to group the devices and push it to all of them at the same time.

know your content schedule status

Action Status

You can check the connectivity of the device and which content is being played on the device at the time as well.

multi zone digital display

Multi-zone Your Display

digital signage free trial
Free digital signage trial

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