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Bring home the importance of health and fitness with educative displays on Digital Signage

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750+ Editable templates
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Create right template to drive motivation

Healthy weight gain, right cardio or workout time for weight loss, what are you looking for? With many templates to choose from, you can just pick one, edit it with the images and text like you need with ease.

increase member retention with gym digital signage

Engage, Motivate and Derive Results

Engaging and motivational content creates a lot of impact on the way gym members pursue their journey of staying fit and healthy.

It is essential to keep content updated for your gym members. Stay in touch with your gym members through Digital Signages to drive better results and grab more inputs from the members.

Run effective workout programs

Highlight loyal and result oriented members every month or display how an exercise should be done, its frequency and the benefits of it with Digital Signages.

One can also stream different workout sessions like weight loss, toning and strength, yoga. These sessions help members to work out in the right manner.

Post the updated schedules

Post the updated schedules for the fitness classes.

Stream local successful customer use cases

Stream local successful customer use-cases motivational purposes.

Highlight the food schedules

Highlight the food schedules that one should ideally follow.

Promote upcoming offers, free sessions or events to engage members.

Improve Member Retention

While a lot of people join gyms, it is difficult to maintain the momentum and they often loose out to the motivation and focus of continuing since they are yet to adapt to the changes it brings to their lifestyle.

Digital signages can act as an indirect contact point here with which trainers can not only entertain but keep the members engaged and informed about the benefits of working out.

Instead of verbally stating the importance of health, attractive videos on benefits and transformation results achieved help members to continue.

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Are you looking for?

Effective Advertising
Effective Advertising

Expand your reach with digital screens by displaying a series of slides about your center's known offers targeting visitors on their visit.

Energized Clients
Energized Clients

Communicate with digital signages and emphasize on how essential healthy living is for a good and balanced life to keep clients motivated.

Highest Results
Highest Results

Stream pre-recorded workouts regularly to ensure that exercises flow better and clients get maximum results form their sessions.

Recognize Success
Recognize Success

Promote visitors who are frequent visitors and have derived noteworthy results from their workouts to boost morale of other members.

Why DotSignage?

Dotsignage is simple to use, easy to manage and access from anywhere. The system can be setup in a matter of seconds. Our customers prefer us because:

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One Solution, multiple uses!

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Promotions and Branding

Running a new offer, introducing the new cardio session or offering a referral rebate, put it on that big screen and see how that impacts your sales and helps your branding.

Show training sessions

Keep a visitor at your reception hooked to one of your training sessions and who knows, they might just sign up for a membership or decide to give it a try for a month.
yoga classes promotion on gym tv screen

Engage with your brand story

Your brand story has the power to connect with masses. Make sure you show it so people can connect with it. Your health journey is as much connecting to people as theirs is.

How DotSignage can help!

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Gym Digital Signage FAQs

A digital display screen used to communicate the unique offerings and services of your gym is called a gym digital signage. They are ideally placed at the working area and waiting area to communicate the relevant health and fitness content on screens.

Digital signages are required at your gym to communicate the importance to health and fitness to your clients and visitors.They are effective and one of the best ways to present the purpose for which your gym is built for.

Digital signages can be placed in the workout area where your clients work out. They can also be placed in the waiting area where you potential clients will be coming. They can also be placed in the sales representatives cabin for them to show presentations and active offers/discounts.

Digital signages at your gyms indirectly influence the way people look and think about their health and wellbeing. They are the best mode to bring home the fact how crucial a healthy lifestyle is. This leads to more people signing up for your gym.