White Label Digital Signage

Add another service to your offerings with our White Labeled digital signage software. Save thousands on development

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Our sound and reliable Digital Signage Software solution is all yours

Our system offers everything right from templates to create content, content uploading, scheduling and multi-zoning. With our White Label Partnership, all this would be yours. The cherry on the cake is that it would be all yours in your branding.

The pricing for the system will be decided by you as you need. With the entire system on your name, it will help you get more reliability from your customers.

Are you looking for?

Earn more revenue
Earn more revenue!

You can charge for the system as per the size of your market and need.

Increase Brand Awareness
Increase Brand Awareness!

The system with your branding will lead to promote your services and thus your brand.

Generate more leads
Generate more leads!

A lot of your clients might already need the system and with you offering it, you can grab more leads.

Affordable partnership
Affordable partnership

The cost to develop a similar system is saved and our white label partnership is designed in a way that it benefits the parties equally.

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Make up and follow your own pricing model.

You are completely offered the flexibility of arranging for the pricing of the system as you please. You can club it with your other offerings, give it for free or charge a price to your customer as you need.

Quarterly, half yearly, annually or monthly charge can be done as it suits you. The Business Model to sell it to your clients can be defined as you need.

Start Earning with DotSignage White Label Partnership

To know more about DotSignage fill up the small form with a few details we need. Our CEO will directly talk to you with the details and talk about possible cooperation.

No Vendor Lock-in.

When you enter into the partnership with us, our end goal is to help you business grow and grow with you.

We believe in no vendor lock-in so you are free to go and partner with other vendors to expand your product profile and widen your customer base as well as your business.

how digital signage helps business growth
digital signage reseller

Enhance your Company Profile.

As stated earlier, a lot of your customers might already be needing a digital signage software. By having one, you will be directly able to meet their needs.

New leads for new clients on the lookout for the same can be generated and with your already established brand name, it becomes easy for you to sell it. An add on to your current profile will only strengthen it.

We keep our partnership solutions private!

As our White Label Partner, you can choose to have your own pricing. We strictly follow privacy practice to keep our partners details confidential. This helps our partners earn more.

The entire product that we have built with due deligence and care is all yours after we white label it. Everything right from our console to our apps is in your branding.

DotSignage White Label Partnership Benefits

The cost of development for a similar system is saved

The system is simple and easy to use making it easy to be adaptable

It helps to enhance your product profile

Your business is opened up to a new opportunity to grab revenue.

The flexibility to charge your customers the prices as you need is provided.

White label Partnership FAQs

A White Label Partnership is a kind of partnership wherein you get the product in your own branding and logo. A fixed price for the purchase of bulk licenses is to be paid and you are flexible to charge for a single license as you wish.

Fill in the form details and one of our representatives will get in touch with you. We can take you through our system over a demo, discuss on the partnership terms and are good to go if mutually agreed.
Our system can be used by anyone. Just a basic training on how is works is needed and you are good to go. It’s as simple as that…

We have different partnership sections drawn up and one that works best for you as per your need can be choosen. More details on the section will be given in the discussion phase.

No, you do not need your own server to host the digital signage. We manage it at our end.

Yes, we offer support to publish the app on play store.

Yes, we offer support in setting up the client system.