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Free Digital Menu Board Templates

Menu boards will be put to good use only when good quality menu templates have been displayed. We have some beautifully created templates that restaurants can use for their menu boards.

Menu Boards

Get your customers ordering more with our mouthwatering pizza menu board templates

View All Pizza Menu Template

Digital Menu

Let your customers experience the ultimate burger bliss with our dynamic digital menu boards.

View All Burger Menu Boards

Digital Menu

Let your menu boards tell the soothing story behind your appetizing chicken dishes.

View All Chicken TV Menu

Donuts TV
Screen Menu

Deliver irresistible sweetness with eye catchy digital menu boards.

View All Donuts Menu Boards

Menu Boards

Elevate your coffee experience with our enticing digital menu boards.

View All Coffee Signage Menu

Ice Cream
Menu Screen

Help everyone discover a scoop of joy with our vibrant ice cream digital menu boards.

View All Ice Cream Menu

Board Menu

Embrace the classic charm with our chalkboard-inspired digital menu boards.

View All Chalk Board Design

Menu Board

Elevate your cafe experience with our sleek and informative digital menu boards.

View All Cafe Menu Template

Digital Display

Elevate your cannabis experience with our cutting-edge digital display solution.

View All Cannabis Template

Free Digital Canvas Templates

See what a good looking canvas template can do for you. With our many created options, choose one and get started or create one from scratch very easily! Save time and get things done quickly with our Canvas Editor!

Digital Signage

Increase your store sales and enhance customer experience

View All Menuboards

Gym Fitness
Digital Signage

Engage your customers and visitors with informative signage software

View All Menuboards

Digital Signage

Utilize the power of digital communication to connect with students

View All Menuboards

Digital Signage

Keep your healthcare premises digitally upgraded

View All Menuboards

Digital Signage

Establish a better communication channel across your offices

View All Menuboards

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qr code based digital menu boards

Effortlessly Add QR code to your templates

QR codes have gained significant popularity recently due to their unparalleled accessibility. To make it easier for all our customers, we have offered the ability to easily add QR codes to the digital signage templates.

These QR codes can be customized as per color, can be linked to your website, online menu, loyalty programs and much more.

This versatile tool empowers businesses to connect with their clientele efficiently, offering a dynamic gateway to a world of information and services, all at the touch of a smartphone screen.

Creatively curated and professionally designed

The tons of templates added on the DotSignage portal have been creatively worked on so they can be put to the right use by users with a few edits as needed. New free digital signage templates are constantly being added to offer users variety in their choice.

750+ editable templates

Easy formatting options

Simple and quick

Choose from icons, shapes or stock images

More templates added every month

Fresh and modern looking templates

portrait and landscape menu design

Portrait or landscape, we have you covered

People want the choice of portrait or landscape screen adjustment and all our digital sign templates take note of it. We have designs available for both. With the freedom to design, edit or customise from the canvas feature, everything can be managed at the users end with no help.

Industries we serve!

Our digital menu board template editor is flexible enough to work with any kind of dining area that forms a part of the hospitality sector in general. We have segregated the templates as well based on several categories for our users to choose from.

There are some templates that are followed only for certain kind of dining areas and are identified with that particular type. You can find those templates as well in our editor. The better part is you have all the freedom to tweak them like you need and create something that you are looking for. We have tons of templates for different restaurant industries:

Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings
Drive Through
Drive Through

Need help in creating a customized template?

If your busy schedule does not permit you to create a customized template of your choice, our design experts can help you!

Hire Designer

How Digital Signage Editor works?

Create custom sized templates Effortlessly create templates that fit a certain section of your TV screen and help you display engaging content. Just input the height and width based on the section you are trying to create. Design the content based as you need in the template.
Add QR codes Effortlessly add QR codes to your template, customize it the way you need and link it effortlessly to your website, menu or anything that you are promoting at the moment. Setting it up is a quick two-minute process that yields remarkable outreach.
Add Text You can easily modify the text shape, size, font type, color and opacity using the canvas editor on our portal and make the template appear as you need with the content you require.
Uploading images With the media picker tool, you can upload photos or images into the template easily. The images can be quickly repositioned by dragging and dropping them where needed. The opacity of the image can as well be adjusted as needed.
Save created templates for future use The templates created can be saved for future use such that other members of your team remotely located can as well make use of the same template by making modifications and changes as needed. This saves a lot of time and effort at your team’s end.
Background color With the canvas editor, you can change the background of the template as need be. You can refer to w3schools to quickly refer to the HTML color code so your template background color remains the same as your brand. You can also upload image that can be used as the template background.
Icons and Shapes Again the icons and shapes if offered handy with all the possible editing features, can ease out a lot of your designing effort. If you are planning on creating your very own design on our canvas, these are like a boon for you since you can easily select any as needed based on the design you wish to create.
Pre Define Decorated Text It might so happen that the text on the template that you are using might not be having the style as you expect in terms of the color, the font type or the size. With more than 200+ words included as art text that you can modify per your need, a lot of your time and effort is saved.
Component 124


Simply select a template of your choice, make changes as needed on the color, image, shapes or text.
Component 125


Save the image after edits. The template is saved in the system so you can also use it for future purposes.
Component 126


Once the edits are made and saved, you can push it on the screens and publish them on the go.

Template Customization FAQs

We offer pre-built templates under the canvas feature on our system using which a user can modify these templates by editing text, color and adding more images. It’s like an image editor.

Simply select any template and all the elements are editable on the same. You can drag and drop some images if you want from the image options or you can simply edit the text, font and color from the formatting options. Images can be resized as needed.

If you have procured a yearly subscription for DotSignage, then it is free to use on your TV screen.

Simply make the changes onto the template as you need, save it and upload the template as a design to your TV. The process of publishing the template stays the same.