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What is DotSignage

digital signage dashboard to handle multiple tv

DotSignage is a cutting-edge cloud-based digital signage software that effortlessly displays multimedia content on screens located remotely, making it highly effective and dynamic.

Our system is equipped to handle various tasks, including creating personalized design templates and uploading pre-existing content. At present, we provide over 700 in-built templates that are not only modern and market-driven but also user-friendly and easy to work with. We keep adding more unique templates every month.

Additionally, we offer access to over 30 integrated apps that can drive engagement and interaction with your audience. Our software is versatile and has universal appeal, making it suitable for various industries, such as restaurants, retail, corporate, healthcare, and beyond.

Regardless of your industry, we have a solution to cater to your unique requirements.

hospitality digital signage solution
  • supported deviceWorks with any Android device or Amazon Firestick
  • template editorAdvanced digital menu board/canvas template editor
  • signage templates700+ in-built templates
  • update menuUpdate content on screens placed remotely from anywhere
  • schedulerDynamic content management with advanced schedulers
  • custom htmlDisplay custom HTML content with ease


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Manage multiple TVs from a single dashboard

manage multiple tvs with digital signage

Change content from anywhere easily and within minutes. Centralize everything for your screen management from a single location.

  • Group multiple TVs and manage content name wise for them.
  • Divide a single screen into multiple zones and assign different content to each zone
  • Create a timed slideshow to display a mix and match of videos, images and apps
  • Use different apps across different locations from a single dashboard as per your needs
Know More

DotSignage works easily for any industry!

Works with affordable hardware!

hardware to run dotsignage digital signage software

DotSignage works with most of the Android devices and TVs. Some of the supported hardware and formats are:

Supported Hardware

  • Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, Android Minibox, Android Tablets

Supported Formats