Digital Menu for Restaurant

Engage your customer with beautiful and stunning tablet menu using food images and enrich their dine-out experience

tablet digital menu

See How It Works?

Interact with customers through our digital menu

Display the right content at the right screen on the right time. Help your customers to decide what to eat without having to take any help from managers.

Create a menu that is informative and engaging. Our cloud based digital menu system makes it so easy to manage and share content on the time schedule.

great meal starts with digital menu

A great meal starts with the menu

Menu is the first point of contact with the restaurant for any diner. Appetizing visuals and descriptions make it easier for your diners to decide what they are looking to have. One can highlight special dishes of the menu or even the recommended items to prompt customers to try new dishes.

Create a digital menu in minutes or make instant updates

Our user-friendly and easy-to-understand web console makes it easy and quick to create digital tablet menu in no time at all. You can customize your electronic display menu anytime and push it instantly across multiple devices in a matter of minutes.

easy to create a digital menu
get customer feedback on digital menu

Get feedback/reviews and improve your services

A good feedback is as important as a good service. Getting to know what a customer thinks about your restaurant is essential to step up to their expectations.

With DotSignage, you can create a feedback section and request every diner to submit it post their dining so as to understand their expectations and areas that can be improved.

We'll help you increase your restaurant sale. Want to Grow?

Promptly create offers and intimate customers on the same

If you are in the mood to give a free brownie to your diners today, it’s just a few simple steps and you are good to get it rolling. Or if you have an offer in mind that you want to give on a specific day, simply pre-schedule it from our system. Grab more orders and customers with these offers that can be managed swiftly from our control panel.

create food offers on tablet menu
easy restaurant ordering process

Establish a quick and easy to follow ordering process

We offer this feature as optional as many restaurants might now want to have ordering ability from the tablets. If they choose to offer, our end to end app and portal to manage orders make everything quick for you.

So you have both the options at hand and can opt for the one that works best for your restaurant

Are you looking for?

Increase Earnings
Increase Earnings

Increase your average bill value by displaying the mouthwatering images and descriptions of all the dishes in your menu.

Quick Service
Quick Service

Informative menu helps customers to order quickly which directly leads to quicker table turnaround and faster service.

Promote Offers
Promote Offers

Update new offers easily with Digital menus. Schedule them well in advance to avoid uncertain delays or other issues.

Better Experience
Better Experience

Offer diners menu with food images & description along with unique interactive experience to help them dine better.

One Solution, multiple uses!

Photos and videos

Photos and videos

Display your mouthwatering dishes with beautiful pictures along with videos on food items being prepared! Give your customers a wow factor with the way you present your food.
Multiple prices and currency

Multiple prices and currency

You can select the currency in which you want to display the prices in your menu from our system. We also offer the option of providing dishes with multiple prices based on portion, sizes, plates as well as toppings.
Highlight Food Specialty

Highlight Food Specialty

Chef special items can be shown in a special section of the menu. New arrivals can be easily highlighted. You can also mention the calorie level as well as the spice level for each item so user knows about such details before placing order.

How DotSignage can help!

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Digital Menu FAQs

It is the digital version of paper menu but much more better. While paper menu are a static presentation of all the items in a fancy design, digital menu is interactive, attractive looking and gets you details of every dish along with the look of the dish. Digital menu are often displayed in tablets or TV Screens.

Your diners can explore the entire menu in the tablets right from the quantity served, the taste and the look of the dish which eliminates the need of assistance or guidance from the staff while placing an order. It helps to generate more sales through HD images and videos while creating the good impression to your customers.

Restaurant just needs to configure its menu in DotSignage with item details along with images. Digital menu reflects in tablets or tv as soon as it is published. The best part is prices and menu items can be instantly updated unlike paper menu that offer no flexibility.

Digital menu allows diners to explore new items and try them. It gives them the confidence on what to have. Special items of the day or offers can be instantly presented to grab more order value. Since the staff is focused on delivery of order, it increases the table turnaround ratio too that adds to the sales figures.

Digital menu can be used in any kind of dining area be it QSR, cafe, bar, pubs or a fine dine restaurant. Digital menus are a economical and flexible replacement to the traditional paper menus.

Since foreign customers are new to the local cuisine and language, they can easily interpret the menu with digital menu. Images, quantity served and description help them to place the order to their likes and prefernces.

Yes, replacing paper menu with digital menu would be a smart move. It would make updating the menu very easy and save on the paper prints of menu updates too.