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Promote upcoming films, increase engagement and earn additional revenue with advertising

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Cost-effective, reliable and quick

Movie theatre are a place where digital signage can be put to best use. Right from movie posters, movie schedules to item prices at the Cafeteria, the screens can be managed with ease and instant updates can be made as and when needed.

The theatres are saved of the recurring printing costs from the colored movie posters that are quite difficult to manage.

Keep your customers informed

Digital Signage solution is a great way to keep your visitors informed about the upcoming movies, new facilities being introduced at the cinema or even feeds on the feedback of the current movies running in the theatre.

Movie lovers are always keen on watching the trailers of upcoming movies or getting to know what critics have to say about the movie they are here to watch. Digital signages are a best way to display both the possibilities easily and economically.

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They help increase revenue

Advertisements can be effectively displayed to keep customers engaged during intervals or waiting time which can act as an alternative source of revenue benefiting both the promoting company and the theatre service providers.

Concession goods can also sold a lot at the theatres and can be effectively promoted using digital signages. Menu items can be easily updated using the digital signages and the sale items can also be increased along with the order value.

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Increase Revenue

Digital Signages act as a good form of revenue generation from the ad providers as well as the sale of the concession goods.

Enhance Experience

Unlike the colorful posters of the movies, digital signages offer a better effect on the visuals and increase experience.

Keep Customer Engaged
Keep Customer Engaged

Digital Signages act as a great mode for movie lovers to learn about upcoming movies and new services introduced by the theatres.

Save on Expenses
Save on Expenses

The recurring printing costs on the movie posters, the paper menus in the cafeteria can be replaced with the permanent screen that display content as desired.

Why DotSignage?

DotSignage can help theatres in cost cutting to a great extent since it eliminates the printing costs that go on the posters. The screens can be used for multiple purposes which in return helps to save costs on several grounds. Our clients prefer to user DotSignage because

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One Solution, multiple uses!

Movie Poster

Movie Poster

Let your customers know about the upcoming movies through eye-catchy digital movie posters.
Food Menu

Food Menu

Display menus and special offers in the food zones on TV screens and update them easily as per need.
Movie Video


Display latest traliers to keep viewers enterntained and tied up while they wait in the lobby area.

How DotSignage can help!

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Movie Digital Signage FAQs

Digital signages are digital screens placed at lobbies, hallways and canteen areas where upcoming movies and theatre partners are promoted. Instead of displaying printed posters, digital signages are economical and more user friendly.

Digital signages are economical, user-friendly, flexible and easy to manage. They save the cost of colorful paper prints and eliminate the process of updating them manually. A single digital signage can be scheduled for different content on the same day.

Digital Signages in movie theaters can be installed in lobbies, hallways and in canteen areas of theatres. They can also be used to display menu on the digital screens at the counter where movie goers place food orders.

Digital signages can be used to display and promote multiple content on screens in a same day. By displaying promotional content during intervals or during waiting period when the movie is about to start, more recall can be created which reflects in the revenue of movie theatres.