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Everything you need for stunning signage:

10$ /Month

per screen, paid annually

You’re saving $24

12$ /Month

per screen, paid monthly

Save $24 with annual subscription


Everything included in Standard, plus:


Are you looking for?


Hosted on AWS, the solution is robust and secure with 99.99% uptime

Content Support
Content Support

HD images/video in JPG, MP4, MPEG, HTML, ASF, AVI, MPEG, MPG, WMV can be managed easily.

App Store
App Store

With our in-built app store offering an extensive list of different apps, your customers are free to build content as they need.


Reliability is assured with this and easy accessibility with enhanced security is taken care of as well

Template Library
Template Library

A vast pool of well-thought designed templates across different sectors to edit and use as needed

Advanced scheduler
Advanced scheduler

Regular scheduler and event based scheduler to display and plan content easily

Offline Play
Offline Play

Once the newly uploaded content is downloaded into the device, it can keep playing offline

Support & updates

Right from user manuals, support and content updates to add to the system, we have it all

easy dotsignage digital display solution

Digital Menu
Ordering for Tablet


Includes license for 5 Tablets

QR Code


Charges for single QR Menu

Become a White Label Partner

Why spend so much time, money and resources to develop a system from scratch when you can white-label easily at a much less cost and time.

Digital Signage Pricing FAQs

We accept payments via Paypal and most Credit Cards.
Yes, you can. We have a policy of sending an invoice for every purchase made for our software and an invoice is sent for the same.
The pricing is calculated per screen annually. So if you have purchased three screens, the annual charges would be 99*3 making it 297 USD.
We already offer our software at a competitive price. However, if you decide to go 30 screens or more devices, we can offer you some discounted price. If you are an Non-profit organization or an educational institute, you can reach us.
Yes, we offer phone support on enterprise plan holders. We also offer phone support for Standard plan holders in case of emergencies.
No, there are no additional charges to use the in-built apps on our App Store. You have access to all the features for the yearly subscription.
No, there is no additional charge to use the template editor. You are free to use the templates already provided or create your own as you need.
No, we only provide software solution. You can purchase supported hardware like Amazon Fire Stick and Android box directly from Amazon. We can guide you on the Hardware purchase.
You will not be allowed to add more devices beyond the subscription you have paid for. In this situation, you can contact your account manager for purchase and get things moving ahead.
Reach out to your account manager if you are planning to cancel your subscription and we will do the needful at our end.