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Embed Iframe

Embed Iframe

You can pick up content from any web page and create a custom playlist to show it to enhance the engagement level of the viewers. You just need to pick up the embed code and input it into the system.

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Why choose DotSignage?

You can easily pull any web content and display

The best part about the Embed iFrame is that it lets you pull in any kind of content and display it easily on the screen like you need. You need not create your own content but you can pull it from any source as you need.

Just takes a few seconds to setup

The results that Embed iFrame gives, it feels that it might take a lot of time to set up but it is actually very simple and quick to do. Simply put the embed code and the page refresh time and you are good to go.

Display any webpage, blog sites or youtube content to grab attention

Interesting blog post pages, web pages or content from youtube can be pulled in easily. Viewers always want some interesting display and with embed iFrame, all you need to do is get the content linked with the app and create more engagement for your viewer

Streamline displays across different locations

The same content can be displayed at multiple locations if you are an organization that has multiple locations. Because of the cloud-based nature of the system, everything can be managed remotely.