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Pull in feeds from any source or news app and go to display it on TV easily. Simply input the XML of the relevant feed and you are good to go.

How will the RSS Feed app help you?

  • You can display your own feeds or feeds from any other reliable source
  • A few quick steps and you are good to go
  • It helps you create more engagement by displaying the right content on the screen
  • Different feeds for variety of sources can be used to display content
  • Customers stay informed and up-to date on the happenings

Steps to use the RSS Feed app?

  • Login to your dashboard with DotSignage
  • Go under the App Store section
  • Go into the app ‘RSS Feed App’
  • Input the XML link of the RSS feed and the refresh time
  • Publish, link the app to device and go live

Why choose DotSignage?

  • Helps you create more engagement

    RSS Feeds are definitely one of the best ways to create more engagement since they are usually something that are related to the latest happenings in the world .

  • It is quick and you can get started in a few minutes

    For those who have never worked with RSS feeds before, it might seem daunting as to how to get these started but the process with DotSignage is quite simple and user-friendly.

  • Helps your viewers stay updated on the latest developments depending on the feed being used

    You might have seen news related to the latest happenings from known channels like BBC or CNBC. These are actually feeds that people find in many locations and keep themselves updated with.

  • It helps you maintain consistency across multiple locations

    The same feeds can be displayed at multiple locations if you are an organisation, a restaurant or any business that has multiple locations, you can maintain consistency in your displays. The best part is everything that can be managed remotely.

We have 20+ well known and widely used news apps whose rss feeds you can use to keep everyone updated on the latest developments across the globe!

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