8 Benefits of Digital Menu if Your Resort has More Foreign Customers

Tourism is an industry that is growing day by day. We live in a world where people understand how important it is to explore the world through travel. With technological advancements and everything in control with your smartphone, we often wonder what more can be added to ease out your travelling experience.

Today the whole idea behind travel be it with friends, family or solo is recreation, leisure and relaxation. Hence, it is important that the experience is totally hassle-free.

A lot of exotic places have beautiful resorts with all the facilities, recreational activities and adventure amidst nature. While they offer great local food according the natives around, often foreign customers face issues in understanding the local items.

Since they are not all aware of the local language, it often creates communication issues. This situation is critically faced when they go to a restaurant at the resort to dine out. While they are looking forward to relishing the local cuisine after a travel day, what they are faced with is a problem in communicating with the staff to order. Since the cuisine is new, they have no clue on what to order.

Here arises another need of a tech solution that can be of aid to the staff and the travelers. Enter – Digital Menu for restaurants which can be offered to them in an understandable format with a language they can easily understand.

How Digital Menu Helps Your Foreign Customer in Food Ordering

benefits of having digital menu for resort

1. They read menu in their own language

Offering the menu to a foreign tourist is like giving them a lifeguard. They might secretly bless you for this aid. Easily readable names with described dishes and photos act as a great help to them.
This allows them to enjoy the local cuisine to its best as per their preferences of taste.

2. They know what they order by food images

The look of the dish plays a very important role in the order process. By looking at the photos of the dish, the diner can know what he can expect instead of getting surprised when the dish arrives and finding out that it is not what was expected.

3. Detail ingredients and description help them in placing an order

The description of the dish and details on the ingredients used helps to decide on what to order. If the diner is allergic to certain items, this helps them to avoid such dishes that include the ingredients they are allergic to.
Based on the type of preparation say fried or baked, the customer can decide what to order as well if they are too health conscious or on a specific diet.

4. The diners are no more reluctant to try new items

Often since the tourists are not aware of the local menu, they try to order safe and tend to have items they already know. The only fear they have is to order an item that might now go well with their appetite.
Digital menu is of great help in this situation since they can read and understand the menu items properly and know what they are ordering. The fear of ordering something wrong is replaced with the excitement of trying new dishes.

5. They know how much they must wait for food preparing

As interesting it is to order food, it is as boring to wait for the food to arrive. By knowing the ingredients of the dish, one can understand and very well be aware of how much they are to wait for the ordered item to arrive. Even waiting time can be mentioned in the digital menu.

Often customers become restless after placing an order. If the digital menu already shows the amount of time that the item will take to arrive, the customers would be mentally prepared for the same.

6. Estimate food quantity and serves gives them idea about what to order

While ordering the food in a group, one must know the quantity being served so they get an idea on the number of items to be ordered. In such situation, the serving quantity explicitly mentioned in the digital menu helps to place an order. Again, the surprise element of getting a different quantity than expected is eliminated because of Digital Menu.

Since we are talking about multiple factors to be accommodated in a menu, paper menus have a limitation here while the same issue is not faced in a digital menu.

7. Visitors review on food help foreign tourists to order

Feedback collected with Digital menus can also help other diners to know the ratings on items in the menu based on which they can decide to place an order. This also helps the restaurant to improvise their services based on the feedback shared by diners using Digital menu.

8. Digital menu system impresses them more rather than simple paper menu

Paper menu carries a charm while it is newly printed but once it goes to more usage, it gets torn down and looses the same appeal. Digital menus on the other hand stay the same as they are. Images of the dishes also attract the eyeballs of diners and make it easy for them to place order.

Besides, digital menus help you save on printing costs and flexible updates also can be made in no time as and when needed.

Digital menu is your ultimate go to solution for the menu comprehension of tourists from different countries. Besides, it also shows that you care about the level of services that you provide at your resort.

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Smit Nebhwani

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