How Adopting QR Code Based Ordering can Work Out to The Best for Your Restaurant?

The restaurant sector is slowly gearing up for a revamp considering the way things work these days due to Pandemic. It’s all about extra caution and super smartness for a restaurant to survive the storm called COVID-19.

QR Code menu ordering is something that is picking its pace up and there are several ways a restaurant can put them to good use. They are easy to adopt, do not require frequent updates like a paper menu and are much more handy.

List of possibilities a QR code menu can be put to best use

1. Place a QR code on each table of your restaurant

This is a simple set replacement of paper menus. Diners can simply enter your restaurant and once seated on the tables, they can simply scan the QR Code to view the menu in their respective mobile devices and place the order from there.

The best part is that it makes placing order completely contactless. Again, they need not wait for the waiters to place orders and are saved from the trouble of calling them everytime they want to place a new order. The menu can offer updated images of each dish, ingredients used in its preparation and other details as need be which makes it more attractive for a user to see.

For a restaurant, it’s even better. They are saved from the redundancy of paper menus, having to print them often everytime a new menu update arrives. They carry the potential of carrying viruses and germs since they come in contact with numerous hands during a day.

qr code interactive digital menu

2. Strategically place your QR Codes on Restaurant Door

When QR codes are placed on the restaurant doors, customer can simply scan the code, sit in their cars and place the order. Later they can collect the order when its ready or have a curbside delivery.

restaurant entree gate qr code

The beauty of this entire process is there is absolutely no contact with anything to place the order. Customers place the order from their phone itself.

Customers can also take picture of the QR code and later use it to place order as needed. The restaurant receives the order in their system and can process it further. Customers can pay online or they can pay in cash when their order is delivered to them.

3. Put a QR code in your promotional material so customers can get a wide access to them from anywhere in your serving city or area:

There are many ways for a restaurant to market their food and reach across lots of people. All the promotional material like pamphlets, flyers, promotional emails, social media posts on Facebook and Instagram can be used to have a QR code that users can scan and place orders from the menu loaded in their device.

qr code share on social media

Pre-orders can be placed and collected by users as per their convenience to save time. Restaurants upon receiving the order can keep it ready for the customers to take away. This pre-scheduling method can work to the best in favour of both – the restaurant as well as the customers. Restaurants can keep the order prepared at the right time and customers can collect it at the time set.

4. Restaurants can forward pictures of their QR codes to customers so they can place order from their home or office premises:

The customer database that you have can be put to a great use by forwarding your QR code to your customers who can then forward it to their friends/family and so forth. Your codes get wide circulation which blossoms the possibility of getting more orders.

A simple trick of getting everyone the access of your QR codes can do wonders. Referral programs can be introduced and both the referrer and the referee can benefit. There are no huge costs involved in this process however potential orders can be grabbed benefitting your restaurant.

How QR Code based ordering system help your restaurant

1. Contactless food ordering: With QR code based ordering, you can ensure that your customers face the most ease to place orders at your restaurant. With the QR code menu, firstly they will not have to wait for the waiter to place an order. Their safety and hygiene is taken care of. With less of human interactions, they are safeguarded. The ability to place order from their phones itself is very pleasing and convenient.

2. Reduce Overheads:

convert your paper menu into digital menu

The paper menus are completely replaced with the QR code based menus coming in. This works out for the best because the cost on paper menus is eliminated and is replaced with the ones that can be updated as and when needed without any added cost. The efforts of staff to get the updated menus is reduced.

3. Better service compared to other dine-ins: While other dine-ins still dwell on the thought of introducing the QR code menus, step ahead and go on to have it at your restaurant.

This makes you a restaurant that is proactive in having customer oriented services compared to the traditional ones that are redundant.

4. Gains you loyal customers: Happy customers are loyal customers. Since adopting a QR Code orders makes it easy for them to order, their convenience is taken care of along with their safety and health. With safety an utmost need at this point of time, adopting this new technology will help you grab more groups of loyal customers.

5. Increase Profitability: Due to the forefront precautions that have been introduced at your restaurant with QR code ordering, more customers will choose to dine-in at your area since they will feel more safe. Some might feel that having a QR code system might be expensive however it offers lots of customers and benefits as time passes by.

It’s safe to say that QR code based menus are going to solve many problems for restaurants and they will be playing an important role in the way things are managed in the hospitality industry. They are a safe bet any given day and a smart restaurant will be adopting them during these times to increase sales, customer in-flow and profit margins.

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