8 Free Ice-Cream Digital Menu Board Templates That could be Easily Put to Use at Your Shop!

Ice-creams can be tempting for any age group. With so many choices of toppings and flavours, the enjoyment level of these could just make your day! What could make them even more tempting are the eye-popping digital menu boards that could lure anyone to order an ice-cream.

So today we decided to bring you these 8 wonderful digital menu boards templates that could be easily put to use by any ice-cream parlour without a second thought. The best part is, you can easily tweak them and add your menu items and prices as needed. The editing and setup process is so quick that it can be done within a few minutes. 

List of Ice-Cream Digital Menu Boards Templates

1. The Colorful One!

colorful ice cream shop menu boards design

This one would just bring a big smile on your face! Bright colors, the mouthwatering food images which you can replace with yours by the way (if they are good and of high quality!). The minimal use of text and menu items is what makes this template the one where you put your best sellers. 

Just four best selling items are good to get your more orders. What does the trick is that the ice-cream freak will not have to ponder on the menu. They will make their decision in seconds and your job is done here! – except for the part where you still need to serve the ice-cream;)

free ice cream shop digital menu boards

Ice-Cream Shop Templates

Creating or editing a Ice-Cream menu board just got faster and easier.

2. The simple yet classy one!

simple free ice cream shop template

This one does all the talking! Well, not literally but with the names, the detailed descriptions and the prices, all that is left for the diner is to order. With just two food images used in the template, the editing of this template is quite easy. You just need to put in the menu items and use the two images if you want to change the current ones. 

This could be good for the ones who are just starting out and want to keep it simple! With many other free editable templates on Dotsignage, you can keep experimenting to find out what works best for you!

3. The straightforward one!

latest design ice cream template

It has snacks, it has beverages and it has ice-cream! The diner can pick what they want to. You as a restaurant owner can use these sections to highlight the variety that you offer in the menu. 

The coolest part about this template is that though it looks clean, it has a lot of elements including text and images. There is nothing to worry about though. You can easily go on to edit this template despite several elements on it.

4. The never gets old one!

attractive ice cream menu design

We feel this template is the one that will never go out of style! Why? Because most of our clients want this kind of template even to this day. The colors and the strokes seem to do the trick I believe. 

Again due to the use of bright colors, it brings more life to your menu. You are free to add menu items as per different sections, just make sure not to crowd it though.

5. Another simple yet trendy one!

trendy menu boards for ice cream shop

This follows the previous template except it can be used for the one where you have a long list of menu items under a single category. Trust us and don’t change anything except for the food items and images. 

There is something about these templates that immediately switches on the dessert mode which is all happy and all relaxed!

6. The pink and white one!

ice cream shop digital menu boards template

Pink and white! Not a bad combination right? You could go for whichever one you want but we advise you to keep pink and white cause they give just the right feeling for a dessert! 

It is easy to play with this template. You could reduce the size of the food items and go on to add more ice-cream or dessert items. 

7. The create your own one!

easy to customize ice cream templates

This template lets you put everything in one screen along with the variety of choices that you have on the flavours, the size, the toppings such that you can let customers create their own favourite ice-cream. 

Just tweak the customizations based on what you offer and you are good to go. Instead of just opting to display the list of customisations, you can make it more interesting for users to create their favourite ice-cream.

8. The everything one!

ice cream and cafe combo food template

If you serve snacks as well along with the ice-cream, this menu template is just the right fit for you. You can include different sections in this that have three or four menu items. 

The left section that has the major space in the template can be used to highlight your best selling items. 

So which one of these templates do you feel is the best for your ice-cream shop? We also offer customized template creation services to our clients. We also keep adding more and more digital menu board templates so you always have more options to choose and work with.

Reach us out at info@dotsignage.com if you are looking to have digital menu boards at your ice cream shop/parlor or try our 7 day free trial to explore more.

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