Kiosk Kaffee, Our Valued Digital Menu Board Customer Featured in Shark Tank India Season 3!

Kiosk Kaffee is the fastest growing premium cafe coffee chain in India. They are on the mission of providing high-quality coffee at the most affordable prices since they believe that great coffee should be accessible to everyone.

With 50+ outlets across India, they are on the road to growth and success making them a popular destination for coffee lovers seeking coffee at an economical rate.

Along with their strategic moves to grow and establish a strong brand image, Kiosk Kaffee has also been on the forefront of digital innovation in their operations.

They have ditched the traditional printed menus board and are using digital menu boards to display their menus on TV screens.

They use DotSignage to manage their digital menu boards from a centralized location.

With DotSignage, their menu management has become seamless and effortless.

How DotSignage has Made Things Easier to Manage Digital Menu Boards at Kiosk Kaffee

kiosk kaffee pune use dotsignage digital menu boards

1. Centralized Management

Our streamlined system empowers users to effortlessly control their content from a centralized dashboard, regardless of the geographical dispersion of their screens.

This means that even if their screens are scattered across different locations, managing the content is as simple as navigating through a single interface.

One of the key advantages of this system is the speed at which updates can be made. With just a few clicks, menu boards can be updated within seconds.

Whether it’s adding a new item, updating prices, or changing promotions, the process is quick and seamless.

2. Quick Order Turnaround

With the help of digital menu boards, Kiosk Kaffee managed to get quicker orders which indirectly helped them to deliver them faster as well.

Besides, clear and visually appealing displays help customers easily identify their desired items, reducing decision-making time.

The chances of order errors are reduced, and the overall order processing time is improved.

3. Progressive Scheduling

Kiosk Kaffee uses the scheduling feature to highlight their promotions during peak hours and grab more orders.

Their major customer base is Gen Z who loves coffee and decided to visit the outlets post college or during breaks.

They leverage this time to grab more attention and order with digital menu boards by using advanced scheduling features.

If you are a restaurant starting out or are looking for an easy-to-use solution to manage digital menu boards, DotSignage can be a game changer!

You get access to 750+ in-built menu templates, a seamless menu board editor, 30+ in-built content specific apps, user access roles and much more to level up your digital menu board game.

Sign up for our 7-day free trial today or reach us out at to set up a quick demo.

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