12 Creative Ways Digital Signage can be Used in Schools/Colleges

Like every other industry, the education industry is also looking for ways now to communicate in a better way with not only students but also parents and the staff. 

Digital signage have already paved their way to the hospitality, entertainment and the retail sector, its high time they receive their due in the education sector. 

According to a study, more than 90% of the students these days prefer to learn via digital channels as opposed to the traditional ones.

Today, we bring you 12 different ways you can decide to use digital signage for schools

What will be the takeout of this blog – you will get ways to grab more attention from students, it will connect more with them due to the high digital appeal they offer with the times, they will definitely be more engaging and it will make the life of your admin staff way easier.

How To Use Digital Signage for Schools?

Welcome new batch of students

This is something that definitely the freshmen students at your campus will remember cause it’s their first day at college and well, they got this amazing and warm welcoming experience. 

Maybe go with a video of the activities happening at your campus, the amazing campus interviews that students can look forward to, the newly dining canteen area or anything?

This is an important day for every student and with digital signage, it could be made a memorable one as well. 

Announce dates of admissions

announce date of admission on digital display

Instead of going for bulletin boards to display the admission dates, it would be nice to have them on digital signages. That way, the admin at the campus will also be able to make any changes in the dates if needed and also go on to highlight the number of days left for the admissions. 

Once the admissions are closed, the same digital signage can be used to display the list of selected students along with their roll numbers and class. Most of the time, students are expected to check the class updates on the website itself but it is always nice to have such details on a signage that can be used for several purposes. 

Display the term results

student result announcement on tv display

Again, this is something that students should be able to access very easily. Simply displaying the spreadsheet of the term assessments on the signage at the relevant location can do the trick. 

The admin staff responsible for this will be able to save a lot on the paper and time of getting these up on the bulletin boards. All they need to do is simply link the spreadsheet with the signage and go on to display the results on the signage. 

Show details on upcoming events 

show upcoming sports event details on screen

This is something digital signage would do total justice too. Surely the upcoming events and activities at the campus are a thing students are looking forward to. 

With the right content and images, events can be announced. With signage spread across the campus, the same event announcement can be pushed to multiple screens so everyone can know about it. 

The content of the events can be scheduled well in advance so it gets easier for the staff to manage such updates. 

Announce new courses or educational programs

Internship announcement on digital display

Campuses and universities most often come up with new courses that students might have requested or might have been added due to the upcoming market needs. 

With the new courses being announced, the campuses would want them to be received well. With digital signage, details of all these programs can be easily circulated. 

Display emergency messages

hotel emergency alert on tv signage

There are so many emergency situations for a school or college that would need to be instantly put-up. Signage can be of great help on this. 

It would be nice to have some templates prepared for such situations well in advance. Below are some of those and it would be nice to be prepared well in advance with messages for them: 

  • Fire Break
  • Gas or Chemical leaks
  • Severe weather events
  • Natural disasters
  • IT incidents and maintenance
  • School relocation
  • Cybersecurity

Use them as digital menu boards in canteen area

college canteen menu board

With a good software that gives you ample menu templates to work with, the canteen at your college campus could easily go on to create a menu of their choice. 

Out of stock items can be easily removed, new menu items can be added as needed, price updates can be made in seconds and so forth. Along with that the signage can be used to manage the queue during recess or display nutritional values of the food items being served to promote healthy food intakes.

Use them as wayfinding guide

way finding guide  digital signage for students

Most of the college campuses are huge and often students who are new need guides or help to reach the right class. In such a situation, signage displaying wayfinding guides can be displayed for their help. 

Many times when students have entered your campus for their admissions, they and the parents don’t know how to navigate. These instances create first impressions and educational institutes need to ensure the experience is good. 

Display quotes for the days

student motivation quotes on tv screen

We all remember those inspiring thoughts that we used to have at our school blackboards on every floor. As times have changed, so has the way education is given. 

Teachers or the admin of the schools used to have that sweet time where they wrote down the quotes but now, digital signage can make the task much more easier. 

Use them in classes while teaching students

This is definitely going to take digital learning a step ahead. While textbooks are ideal, relevant images and videos definitely call for more attention compared to them. According to a study, visuals get 97% more views than text-based information. 

This also makes the learning experience of the students more interesting and much faster. Another appeal that signage will have is that everyone now is accustomed to looking at screens for different reasons.

Make known the new infrastructure facilities

school new infrastructure announcement on screen display

There are many new educational institutions that are coming up with unique approaches and methods to impart learning. What really matters along with that is the infrastructure as well cause well, it plays a very important role. 

If there is a new library area that you have added to your campus, or a new classroom or the canteen area, a lab or anything, make sure to put it on the signage at the entrance of your campus so students know about it and go on to explore it. 

Display student creativity and Achievements

display student acchivements on digital signage

This activity will not only boost healthy competition but also inspire other students to give a shot at things they might never have thought of. 

Digital signage are an easy way to display winning class essays, winners of some events, competitions or scholarships. Any kind of announcement that you are to make, digital signage are your go to pal!

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