QR Code Based

Interactive Digital Menu

Give your customers the ability to access menu easily from their phones without having to download any app or waiting for the waiter.

qr code interactive digital menu

Easy to create PDF Interactive QR Digital Menu

Swiftly add, edit or update your menu from our system. A QR code will be generated for the digital menu. Diners can simply scan the QR code to load the menu in their devices to place orders. A notification will be received at your end when any order is placed.

Looking to have digital menus to replace the printed ones?

Send us your menu and we’ll build one for you

easy to use

update your menu with same qr code

Updating your menu? Don’t worry about reprinting QR Code

While you can make as many edits and updates to your menus that you want, please do not worry about reprinting the QR codes once done. The code can be used again despite frequent updates.

This not only saves your tremendous cost that goes in managing the age-old paper menus but also saves time and efforts too.

Be it any item that is out of stock that you wish to update in the menu or a newly introduced seasonal dish, go on to make as many updates as you need. The system is dynamic, quick and easy to use as well as understand.

multilingual digital menu

Same QR code for multiple languages

We support menus from multiple languages as per your need. Often diners prefer to have menus in the local language. With our system, you can choose to have the menu in the language that you need.

Language in the menu as per diners preferences helps you to connect to your local group of loyal diners. So easily communicate with the diners in their preferred language.

With our system, you can have QR codes to deliver menus in various languages as per the language setting in the diner's phone.

qr code ordering

You can also accept order with QR code

QR Codes make the ordering process much more faster. Hence we offer the ability of getting orders via QR Codes. Customers can simply scan the QR codes, get the latest menu and place the order.

The best part about this feature is that they need not wait for the waiters to get the menu. In a matter of seconds, the menu is loaded into the customers device.

Paper menus are not needed which is quite needed at this point where people get as less of contact to potential germs and viruses.

Key Benefits!

1 Quick access to your restaurant’s digital menu without downloading any specific App

2 No waiting in queue for ordering or waving hand for the waiter

3 Less human error as customers can directly place orders after seeing the dish for a food item.

4 Easy to add item, updating price or remove items from the menu without reprinting QR code

5 Know your restaurant most popular item and make more revenue by highlighting it in menu

6 Protect your customer with contactless ordering

7 Time saving for restaurant staff as they don’t have to reprint paper menus or the QR codes.

One Solution, multiple uses!

table top qr code

QR Menu

Load the respective menu for the particular restaurant in your phones by scanning the QR code. In just a matter of seconds, you can get the menu in your phone devices.

QR code menu food ordering

QR Ordering

Let your customers place order from their phones easily after loading the menu with the QR codes. Simply add the item and place the order.

QR Code Digital Menu FAQs

I don’t have a digital copy of my restaurant menu. What can I do?

Our system makes it easy for you to create a digital menu in a matter of minutes. Contact us with your details and we will get you more information and assist you in the same.

Is there any size limit for the upload of the file to the QR code?

The size limit is five MB. If your menu file is heavier than that, consider compressing it more. If you need to increase your limit, please contact us.

What’re the best dimensions for the menu?

Keep in mind that your customers will scan and download your restaurant menu to their smartphones. So if you can keep the design in one column, with a text size not smaller than 18px, it will be easier to scroll and read.

How much does it cost? What’s the pricing?

It will depend on how many different QR codes you will need. If you have only one digital menu, then one QR code will be more than enough. Please contact us for more information.