Voolsy Screen is now


We are on a simple mission: to be the most user-friendly, appealing and a reliable mode to display anything on your screens.


Powering 7000+ screens globally

This end marks a better beginning!

We started three years back and today rank among the top three digital menu board softwares in the US. Our customers and partners have loved us all the way.

But being content has never been our forte! Our goal is bigger and there are so many things we want to do. The idea of changing the name never came easy cause we love Voolsy Screen as much as you all do. To garner the broad spectrum of the global business and market, we wanted a new name that set the right tone.

The name DotSignage settled a place in our hearts and minds the first time we thought of it. The dot signifies an end to your search making us your final destination for signage software needs!

The name might be different but the founding values hold strong as ever. We are thrilled and excited. Hope you all are too!!


is now


You loved us as Voolsy Screen

You’llus more as DotSignage
With DotSignage, you will be able to create unique signages with ease. With this system, you can use your signages to redefine communication strategies, connect more with your target customers and sustain unique challenges that your business might be facing.

Solid Value Proposition

By helping our clients resonate with their target audience by helping them communicate with clarity and conviction.


Deep User Insights

By working closely with our customers to understand their behavior, psychology and needs to deliver a cohesive solution.

Relevant Feature Updates

By adding feature updates that are going to be useful and result driven such that it helps our clients in their business growth.


Focus on User-experience

By focusing on creating a better user experience with great UX and onboarding experience, prompt support and making things simpler.


Industry-driven templates

By adding catalogued, modern and enticing menu board and canvas templates so customers can use them directly with lesser edits.


All-inclusive growth approach

By being a one-stop solution for all sectors who are looking to transform their communication strategies using digital signages.

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Frequent questions and their answers

Over the years, we have received humbling love and appreciation as Voolsy Screen from our end clients. We started small and have come a long way.

We have ensured the transition is seamless and quick. All our customers do not need to worry about the data and transition, it will happen automatically. You will be redirected to the new login screen and your credentials remain the same.
The renewal process has been automated via Stripe at our end and the process stays the same with no change in the subscription fee.
You do not need to update the apps. They will be automatically updated on the screens and keep running with no downtime at our end.

No, there are no changes in the prices of the solution at this point.

The Voolsy Screen website will no longer be active and you will be redirected to DotSignage to sign up and get started. The entire process with steps stays the same so you have nothing to worry about.

Yes, the login URL will change and you will be automatically redirected to the new URL from the old one.
Your credentials stay the same and your data and devices as well will stay as they are.

Drop us an email on info@dotsignage.com and we will do the needful.

Drop us a quick line on info@dotsignage.com and we will revert within 24 hours.