5 Reasons why Chalkboard Menu Boards are still Ruling the Market! (Free Menu Boards Included!)

If you’re looking for a menu board for your restaurant, we have some great news: chalkboard menus are still going strong!

Chalkboard menus have been around for centuries, and they’re still one of the most popular choices for restaurant owners. They’re simple, classic, and full of character–and they work well with any decor.

Today, with access to so many design tools, any kind of template can be created but one thing that we have observed after working with many restaurants over a period of time is that certain things never lose their charm.

Chalkboard menu boards certainly hold a top place in this category.

They hold the cradle of the most preferred menu board templates and why not, they completely suffice the charm, look and feel of a classic menu board.

But if you’re looking to add some color or spice up your chalkboard digital menu boards design, don’t worry! We’ve got everything from black and white to bright colors that will make your guests feel like they’re eating at a new restaurant every time they come in.

Coming to chalkboards, one might often wonder as to why they are still used and preferred over others.

5 Reasons why Chalkboard Digital Menu Boards still Attract Users Eyeball

chalkboard digital menu boards for restaurant

1. First and foremost- they are easy to read! 

We all fondly remember the school chalkboards. Menu chalkboards at restaurants have a nostalgic effect and manage to take us to those fun-filled days.

They are easy to read, and look great on any wall.

The black color of the chalkboard menu template manages to ooze the white font color, making it easier to read compared to other menu styles.

Even if the template is filled with a lot of text and menu items, they are still easy to read because of this unique feature.

2. They don’t require much effort to grab attention

DotSignage designed chalkboard menu boards having classic look that can be used to create a dynamic and modern menu board. They are easy to spot and are sure to draw attention to your business.

You can blindly go on to create a digital menu board in the chalkboard style if you are having a hard time figuring out what look to go for.

You don’t have to worry if they will go with your restaurant décor or not, because they will. It’s the very reason why they are so popular!

They also make it easy for you to create and update your menu as needed without having to hire an expensive designer who will charge you by the hour (or worse yet-by the day).

3. They look well with any kind of font style

Chalkboard menus are a great way to add some style and personality to your restaurant. They can easily adapt to the kind of vibe you are going for–be it a cool, casual vibe or a luxurious, modern vibe.

You can opt for a professional font style or a casual font style for chalkboards and yet, any font will look perfect on chalkboard digital menu board.

You get more choice to play with the kind of vibe you wish to give based on the font you have for your menu. A lot of other kind of menu templates fail to carry every menu type with grace but chalkboard styled menu boards hold it all quite well.

4. Easy to update compared to others

Unlike other digital menu board templates, chalkboard menu templates are quite easy to update and manage. Why so?

Cause they don’t look like the ones created with a tool or a template editor. They give much of a homely feel and hence, make it easier to be tweaked as needed.

A lot of menu templates though they look clean, carry several elements that make it difficult for them to be edited. Chalkboards are all about a black plain background and white fonts. What can you mess up with this style?

5. They look good even without any images

Chalkboard menu templates hardly need any image and if so, it’s advisable for it to be in chalkboard style too.

But don’t worry at all if you don’t have such elements, you can still manage to create an amazingly looking chalkboard digital menu board and that too with no effort.

We bet other menu board types won’t look as sleek and elegant as a chalkboard menu without any images.

Now the bonus part – we have a separate category of chalkboard menu templates in our digital menu board solution. Sign up for our free trial and have a look, we are sure you will love them all!

Here are our top 5 picks for chalkboard menu templates

1. The timeless black and white chalkboard

deli menu chalkboard design

This template is the ultimate true version of a chalkboard menu board template. It only uses 2 colors, is simple, clean and yet manages to grab your eyeballs.

It’s perfect for when you want to keep things simple and let your food speak for itself.

2. Chalkboard with black and white elements

burger menu chalkboard template

This menu template is yet another classic version of a chalkboard menu template with chalkboards elements that add more visual appeal to it.

This version of a template can be used when you have less menu items and are looking to add elements to grab more attention to your menu items.

3. Chalkboard with a bit of color!

snacks chalkboard template design

This is again a very beautiful version of chalkboard menus but with a pinch of color to it. The use of colors is very subtle.

The colors in a way can be used minimally on this template to highlight attention worthy items easily.

4. Menu board with colored chalkboard elements!

free snack chalkboard menu design

This is a chalkboard template with a modern touch of colorful chalkboard elements. These elements in a way add more life to this menu board.

This template comes in handy when you have less menu items and are looking to utilize the space with some nice handcrafted looking elements.

5. Chalkboard with colored images

burger menu design in chalkboard theme

This is a modern style chalkboard template that a lot of restaurants would resonate to. It uses the look of a chalkboard and yet takes benefit of images in a minimal way.

The best part is, the charm of a chalkboard template is maintained and yet a modern look is created with this kind of template.

Though these templates are our top 5 picks, we have several chalkboard style menu board templates that our professional designers have created for you to just pick and start using them.

If you are still figuring out which kind of look you wish to have for your digital menu boards, chalkboards are the safest and most effective way to go for.

Sign up for our 7-day free trial to explore more of such beautiful looking chalkboard digital menu board templates. With our template editor, you can customize them to your needs and get started within minutes. Drop us a quick line at info@dotsignage.com in case of any questions or schedule a quick online demo if you need!

Happy Chalkboarding!

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