Why Do You Need Digital Signage at Liquor Stores and How to Use Them to Sell More Wine?

The process to communicate effectively with customers has evolved with tech solutions in the picture. Any kind of business needs to work on strategies and ways to engage customers making it a point that its services are portrayed the right way. Interactive digital signage and kiosks provide a way to establish the right feel and connect with your wine shop customers.

That said, let’s talk about how things were before digital signage. Most of the form of communication was printed – the brochures, the pamphlets, the manuals, the instructions and many other things all in a paper format.

The task did not end to the point of getting everything printed and distributed. It was essential that the message and all efforts reached the right audience. Engagement level was not certain in this case since the content was static and one had to rely on the design and the effectiveness of the written content.

Adding to that, there was more cost involved with the regular printing of marketing material.

With digital signage you can combine both the online and in-store experience for your customer making it more engaging and personalised to the shopping encounters that they face. Customer data can be put to an excellent use here.

Liquor stores can as well put digital menu boards and kiosks to a great use. You can display a list of items that have been in great demand or those that have newly arrived at your store.  Different lists of items based on their content or specific brands can also be created.

It all depends on what you want to display and there are endless possibilities. With multi-zoning features, the screen space can as well be put to a great use at wine stores.

Feedback of customers matters a lot and digital signage can help you gather more feedback on customer preferences. With this, better product recommendations can be made to your customers and they can make informed decisions.

As a liquor store, if you are looking for a cost-effective, reliable and easy to manage CMS solution for your store, DotSignage might be a good fit. With this blog, we will provide details how digital signage can add more value to your liquor stores.

Here we list down a few advantages of having digital signage to level up your customer’s shopping experience

Advantages of adding digital signage at your Wine Store

show your wine menu on tv screen

Digital signage is much more eye-catchy as well as informative

Static posters pose as quite a boring stuff against the much more eye-catchy and informative digital signage. Customers are more likely to pause from what they are doing to see what is going on in the digital displays.

According to Digital Signage Today news, digital signage capture 400% of more views than static displays

Just as mobile phones or Television provide way more engagement, digital signage tends to have the same impact. A customer is bound to put their phone down for a while to watch details on an item they are interested in. It can be anywhere be it on the screen at your liquor store or any other retail shop for that matter!

Digital signage helps you improve the relationship between customers and your brand

Digital displays are placed to help you communicate with your customers in a better way. To establish a right brand connect and recall, it is important to display content in an engaging manner. Signage help to deliver exactly that.

People do carry a misconception that digital signage can be used only to display advertisements since that was the start of them. They are versatile and can be used to display almost any kind of content related to your liquor store or your brand.

Digital signages tend to create more of an emotional connect with your target audience compared to the static posters. They tend to have a much more recall effect since they tend to create an impression in the viewer’s mind.

You can bank more on digital signages by placing them at the checkout and at the store area that grabs more attention compared to others.

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Digital signage ease out and enhance the experience of wine selection

Your customers would love to visit your store and make purchases if they can actually taste the wine they are interested in. But, this might not be cost effective. Something close to that can be offered wherein you could display fun and engaging touch points to help customers learn about every kind of wine that you offer.

The kind of taste, the origins, the ingredients can be displayed explicitly so users know which wine to go for based on their preferences. The kind of purchasing exposure that your visitors get in your store helps you gather more loyal customers who can recommend your store to their friends and family as well.

They help you manage content on remote screens easily from anywhere

With software like DotSignage to manage content on TV screens at your liquor store from anywhere. If you have multiple liquor stores across the city or have presence in many cities, the biggest problem would be to have the same branding and parallel updates across screens. This can be easily done with smart digital signage.

The other benefit is that they help you save on printing efforts, save your time and make it easier for you to update content anytime and as easily as needed.

Ways to use Digital Signage at your liquor store to advertise and sell more

digital signage for liquor stores

Digital signage can act as one of the best ways to market your items at liquor stores using different ways to depict your product range and services. Digital signage can be placed around your store like entrances, next to the cash register to induce impulse purchases and other areas of your store where customers tend to pay more attention.

We have already established the fact that paper based advertisements do not catch customers attention like any beautiful HD display screen.

Below are ways you can use digital signage to your benefits

Market your offers, events or deals

wine offer promotion using digital signage
  • Let your customers know about upcoming events with resourceful signage instead of going for paper flyers.
  • Easily create designs and use them for different offers over a period of time
  • Instant offers can be created and made live in a matter of minutes
  • With delightful and catchy HTML images, events or offers can be banked on since digital signage offer a huge scope to display almost any kind of content.
  • Relieve yourself of the last minute updates by pre-scheduling content like offers or events

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Open a new revenue stream by partnering with other cross-functional brands

  • There are different brands associated with your market. By partnering with them, you can promote them and benefit mutually.
  • You can also rent space on your display for local brands that want to expand their reach.
  • You can bank on manufacturers who can sponsor menus by branding it with their logo
  • Display rotating ads for sponsors and leverage on the costs that you bear on signage.

Give due credit to your product range by displaying them the right way

wine menu on digital display screen

1. You cannot display all the items at your store such that each and everyone of them is noticed. You can go on to display a product portfolio for each such that customers notice them.

2. You can get more attention from visitors by showcasing how wines and other products are prepared using video as well as sounds.

3. If your store is big, a guideline to your store according to products can be displayed at the entrance.

DotSignage – a versatile digital signage software solution

DotSignage offers a reliable and resourceful cloud-based digital signage software that will help you manage any kind of marketing or promotional content at your liquor store with ease. You can preview the content before pushing them to screens. Devices can be grouped easily as well to push the same content across multiple screens as needed.

DotSignage works with all Android devices or with Amazon Firestick. Reach us out at info@dotsignage.com for your inquiries or try our 7 day free trial to explore more.

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