Get Free Customizable Christmas Menu Board Templates for Your Restaurant!

Hope, joy, peace, happiness, good food, gifts, carols, stockings, chimneys, the famous plum pudding and SANTA! Did we miss anything? Well, surely we did! You won’t mind much cause the best time of the year is here!

Don’t worry though, as DotSignage, we did our part! If you are a restaurant/cafe/bar or owner of any kind of dining area, surely you must be looking to upgrade your menu. We have taken the liberty of creating some amazing menu templates that will surely make the cut!

Before we give out more details on these templates, let’s briefly list out the steps used to customize them or use them:

  • Login to your DotSignage dashboard or signup for free and go under the ‘App Store’ section
  • Tap on ‘Digital Menu Board Editor’ or ‘Digital Canvas Editor’, select ‘Christmas’ category
  • Select the template of your choice, customize it as you need
  • Save and publish the template to your TV screen

Things you can do with our template editor or canvas editor!

  • Change the color of font or the type of font
  • Use your own images on the template
  • Change the color of the background
  • Use different symbols or icons
  • Align the images or objects differently

It’s like an open canvas and you are free to do whatever you want.

Get Your Free Christmas Menu Board Templates!

1. The Food Special One!

christmas special food menu boards

Every restaurant brings out that one USP dish of theirs that they offer only during Christmas. It could be the homely Lasagna, Turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes or the pumpkin pie.

With this template, you can put the food image of your choice and customize the text accordingly and get your customers grooving over your best dish this Christmas.

The beauty of this template is that it is simple yet elegant and conveys the festive mood easily.

2. Our Gingerbread house special template!

gingerbread man menu boards

We all know that Christmas screams of Gingerbread houses. This template speaks it all. Go on to put the Gingerbread house in this image and customize the image of your choice.

Right from the background color, the font color, the font size and the symbols – everything can be customized as needed.

We just love this template as it is due to the color combinations. It speaks loud of the Christmas feeling and the cute gingerbread house just adds more to it.

3. Today’s special one!

christmas special tv screen menu

The name speaks it all. This template is to highlight today’s special. Many restaurants might go on to keep a different special everyday for the Christmas week. This template does all the good for it.

Put in the logo of your restaurant, customize the text on the left and put in the image of your special dish for the day. There, your job is done.

The beauty of this template is that it is simple yet gives a great look to your menu board. With no fancy colors or decorative items used, it does the job well!

4. The Three course meal!

christmas food combo menu design

Again, as the name speaks for itself, this template is for the full menu course. Many restaurants offer full meals that include all the three courses and a lot of foodies might want to go for them.

The best part of the three course meal is that it gives you a homely feel!

With this template, you can easily go on to edit the text with the menu items and also change the color of the food cards as needed. The background food image can be easily changed as well.

5. The CHRISTMAS Menu!

christmas special lunch menu

Many restaurants go on to give five course meals to their diners on the day of Christmas. This template fares well for the job.

All you need to do is simply edit the names of all the courses and input the food images accordingly.

The background color can be changed to red with a combination of white font.

6. The everything template!

christmas menu design for fine dine restaurant

This is again one of our favourite Christmas templates. Right from your regular food items to the specials of the day, this menu template lets you do it all.

With the color combinations and symbols used, this does give a kind of a Christmas feel!

If you have more items or less items, spacing can be adjusted as needed easily.

Check out this video to know more about how we can edit the templates. Are you looking to create your own customized Christmas menu template? DM us or reach us out at or you can try our 7 day free trial to start customizing menu.

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