Grab These Free Festive Christmas Templates for Digital Signage Design Just for You!

The phrase “Winter is Here” sounds totally different with the Christmas bells ringing. The holiday season is about joy, peace and hope, things we all need more this year.

With the vibes of festivity, everyone is set to look upon fresh beginnings. Marketers are looking to deal with customers using fresh marketing techniques, one of them being Digital Signage.

Brands will as well leverage to grab more attention and customers through digital signage. They are a one time investment, easy to use, save a lot of printing costs and can be updated almost anytime. 

With this blog, we will dive into some beautiful digital signage content ideas that can be used during Christmas to help boost engagement and sales in return.

So what are Digital Signage & Why are they right for Christmas Marketing Strategies?

Digital signage are those beautiful screens you often see over a cross road that display some engaging marketing content. They come in all sizes and the content in them can be managed from anywhere anytime.

They help you improve overall sales volumes by 31.8%.

Digital signage creates more engagement, improve campaign results and boost revenue creation at a faster pace compared to any other print marketing tool.

How will digital signage assist in Christmas marketing strategy to improve sales?

digital signage templates for christmas

Apart from saving the recurring printing costs and the efforts of resources to get them at the marketing location, digital signage counter every discomfort a print media would have otherwise offered.

With digital signage, you can pre-schedule the marketing content for a specific day well in advance, accompanied music can be played to give a festive feel, regular content keeps playing after the special event is finished. Instant updates can be done and pushed across multiple screens with ease in a matter of seconds.

The best part about Digital signage is that they connect with your audience due to their engaging nature and keep them hooked to the screens. Create an eye-popping Christmas menu templates and you are good to use it wherever you want.

Marketers need not worry about the trouble they have to go through to update the content every now and then. Just a matter of minutes and a new content is ready to be displayed on the screens as needed.

71% of customers feel that advertising on digital signage is better compared to online ads.

Here we list a few digital signage content ideas to create exciting marketing ideas for Christmas

1. Use Social Media posts/feed on Digital Signage to connect with audience

christmas instagram wall on tv screen

Well known social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter connect the most with all kinds of target audience since they have more reach ability.

Displaying social media content from Instagram is one of the best digital signage content ideas for Christmas marketing.

With the Instagram app in DotSignage portal, you can fetch the feeds of your Instagram page and manage the color of fonts, background image and themes that suit you. All these can be designed keeping the Christmas festivities in mind – the look, text, color and music.

These social media feeds will engage your customers, keep them hooked to your page and convert them into repeat customers since they would be aware of what you offer.

Make sure you display images in your digital signage in a way that they are in line with the festive mood so you can take the maximum benefit of it.

2. Informative News Boards on Digital Signage

If due to any emergency, you are planning to keep your store closed or you want to keep customers engaged with the current affairs — all this can be done by displaying them on Digital Signage boards.

Industries like Hospitals can take advantage of these healthcare digital signage by displaying relevant information like the working hours, emergency contact numbers, facilities to help patients understand how their needs will be taken care of and shifts for nurses that are open for application.

Digital signage can also be used to motivate employees who are working during Christmas by displaying details on the upcoming planned events and festivities for the day ahead so they can stay focused.    

3. Digital Menu Boards for restaurant to grab customers attention

christmas special menu boards

Excellent quality food images and details on dishes and their uniqueness can intrigue diners to your restaurant.

Christmas is all about food, fun, festivities and the best way to spread the message and bring them to life is with Digital signage. Hotels, restaurants and diners are the places most occupied during these times of the year and digital menu boards can help you put up instantly almost any offer or promotion you are planning to offer to your customers for more order/bill value.

A special Christmas menu can be created wherein food items related to Christmas can be highlighted, special discount section can be put up and festivity sweet section can be put up to spur sales.

Beautiful images of all the food items along with a good soothing Christmas music can be displayed.

4. Make important announcements on service schedules using Church Digital Signage

christmas announcement

Churches can benefit a lot from Digital Signage for churches that announces the schedules of special Christmas services, market charity drives, highlight important donors, showcase video feeds on sermons.

Sermons or Christmas carols can be streamed to maintain the feel of the festival and enhance the Christmas spirit.

5. Promptly advertise your last-minute promotions on retail digital signage

retail store chirstmas content idea

Retail Digital signage are one of the best modes to market your offerings for the retail sector.

Want to market the newly arrived stock for Christmas, special discounts during these items that can be offered to those who are planning to make last-minute Christmas shopping.

Vibrant colors, beautiful themes that please the eyes can boost up your sales figures.

6. Greet guests in this holiday with Hotel Lobby Digital Signage

Christmas hotel offer on spa

Since its holiday season, people are mostly outdoors travelling. Hotels are mostly occupied during this time and having a digital signage in your hotel lobby is going to create more engagement for guests.

Utilize digital signage for resorts to prominently showcase new Christmas offers and special facilities at your resorts during this festive season, captivating visitors with visually appealing promotions and creating a delightful holiday experience.


If you are not planning to have a digital signage at your premises yet, it’s high time you start planning on it! They are a sure shot way to boost your sales figures and gain a high stand on customer engagement.

This Christmas, light up your campaigns with digital signage to let everyone see what you have to offer. Reach us out on for any queries/questions you might have or try our 7 day free trial of digital signage software

Smit Nebhwani

Smit Nebhwani is a tech entrepreneur with expertise in successfully building SAAS based products. Boasting over a decade of experience in the startup sector, he takes pleasure in sharing valuable insights on all facets of SAAS products. His extensive experience in the digital signage sector has established him as a reputable authority in the industry, and he channels this expertise through some valuable content. In his free time, Smit enjoys music, travelling and spending time with his family.

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