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digital signage for hotel

Create engaging hotel displays that drive attention

With digital signage, the possibilities are many. Instead of a plain wall, it is always good to have something engaging and helpful for the guests.

With DotSignage, you get to design amazing templates with just a few clicks. You can create impactful playlists, schedule videos or event announcements, display weather feeds and do so much more with hotel digital signages.

Some ways signages can be used at a hotel:

Wayfinding guide

Digital menu boards

Display your amenities

Display local guides

Highlight customer testimonials

Show weather updates

Engage with news feeds

Show local flight info

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Leverage the manifold benefits of a hotel digital signage

Digital Signages at hotels can be used in a variety of ways. Your admin staff can manage the consistency of content across all hotels from the central head office.

They are a perfect replacement for paper print stands and are much more appealing than traditional signs. With DotSignage, your staff is free to design templates in our canvas editor on the go and publish them.

Here are the manifold benefits of using DotSignage for your hotels:

They reduce your promotional and marketing costs

They save time of your resources

They are flexible and let you plan content well in advance

Our canvas editor can help you design anything you want

They replace the limitations of paper prints with engaging displays

They are reliable, resourceful and engaging for your guests

2 Easy Steps

While your hotel is equipped with nice interiors, exquisite services and well-groomed staff, you still need to connect to your customers. Often visitors just pass through the static signage without paying much attention to it. By adopting digital signage, you can promote new offers at your hotel, probably the updated gym facilities that you have started or the pool area that has specially been created for the kids. It’s easy to operate, can be used for multiple things and grabs attention to.

So how can you increase efficiency with Digital Signage at your Hotel?

  • Welcome your visitors with personalised messages
  • Market newly introduced facilities like restaurants, spa or gym
  • Promote offers on festival hotel bookings to get pre-bookings
  • Offer wayfinding navigations at different parts of the hotel
  • Broadcast safety alerts to keep visitors alerted in case of any emergency
why hotel needs digital signage

Why your Hotel deserves a Digital Signage System?

Static signs tend to be boring and are often missed out. On the contrary, digital signage are much more engaging, versatile, can be used to display multiple things and can be easily updated with any content as per your need.

Conclusively, whatever information is delivered via digital communications is going to be far superior in user experience than normal paper or static messages.

Many ways a digital signage can be used at your hotel

  • Digital menus are not only the need of the hour, they are the future of dining be it in any small cafe or a fine dine at your hotel.
  • Promote your on-site services, restaurants, spas and retail establishments with digital signages
  • Wayfinding guidelines can be established using digital screens across the hallways and check-in counters to help guests.
  • Show eye grabbing videos on the the entire hotel, some good photos from around the property so guests know what to expect
  • Digital signages can be used to let the guests know what is happening on your property for the day

Are you looking for?

Safeguarding Guests

With digital screens placed throughout the property, guests can be promptly alerted over an emergency quickly.

Promote Event

Daily events or planned activities for guests can be easily communicated using digital signages.

Show Amenities

Share information about on-premise restaurant and bar specials, fitness and business center hours and more. If any amenity is not available for any reason, it can be displayed as well on the screens.


With using digital signage you can help guests to navigate throughout the hotel with ease without any guidance.

One Solution, multiple uses!

restaurant wayfinding signage


Guide your guests and visitors throughout the vast property with digital screens.

show your hotel event on tv screen

Event Listing

list down events for a day or the schedule of the events for a week.

promote hotel offer

Hotel Promotion

Promote your newly added amenities, offers & discounts to prompt your customers to try your hotel services.

30 plus screen

Got more screen for display?

More screens require more timing to manage. Go for DotSignage and make things smoother for you!

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Hotel Digital Signage FAQs

Why does your hotel need digital signage?

Digital signage offer much more ease to communicate with your guests compared to any other medium. Plus they can be used for different purposes easily. They are a cost effective solution for your hotel’s multiple communication needs.

Where to install digital signage in hotel?

Digital signage can be installed at the reception area, hallways, restaurants, pool area, event area or almost anywhere to keep inputting messages to communicate with your visitors.

How digital signage help in engaging guest?

Digital signage can be used to display videos of your property, market offers or new offerings at your hotel. Anything that keeps your guests on their eyes can be displayed on digital screens.

Can I replace paper brochures with digital signage?

Replacing paper brochures with digital signage would be not only economical but also a smart move considering the efforts that go behind having the paper brochures.

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