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It's all about the way you communicate!

Engage your students in the best way possible with Digital Signage. With a campus wide Digital Signage Network, one can improve communications within student unions, sports facilities, study rooms and many more.

With attractive displays on digital signage, an improved learning environment is created which brings in more participation from students.

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Communicate throughout campuses easily

Interacting with students, faculty, and staff is important to serve the purpose of education. Students these days are digital natives and respond well to technology.

Hence, Digital Signage for education are a great medium to inform and educate students. Since they tend to grab attention easily, educational institutes can use it for multi purposes.

School Administrators can use post school announcements, schedules, post automated event listing or emergency schedule changes easily from Cloud based Digital Signage solutions.

educate better with digital signage

Educate Better with Digital Signage

Digital signage are not limited to outside classroom only. They can well be used to educate and engage students inside classrooms too. They can be used to broadcast educational programs, remote guest lectures, highlight class achievers. Faculties can also use it to give timed presentations.

It bridges the gap between digital natives (students) and digital immigrants (staff and faculty) and helps administrators communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Students and faculty members can save a lot of time and effort by employing digital signage for their purposes.

Are you looking for?


Establish a medium of seamless communication throughout the campus in no time?


Connect with Students using Social Media to enhance their participation in campus activities?


Allow faculties to put their message in a different way to seek active student engagement?

Promote Culture

Communicate the culture of campus with videos of your activities to enhance student excitement?

How DotSignage Can Help!

1 Communicate better with students, through a medium they are accustomed to

2 Enrich the quality of your school campus

3 Save money and time on printed notices

4 Involve students in the content creation process to evolve their learning

5 Ensure emergency alerts are instantly reaching everyone on campus

One Solution, multiple uses!

teachers day banner on school tv screen

Announce an event

Teachers day, Children’s day or any other event at the school or college can be easily displayed on the signage to let everyone know about it without the use of flyers or board notices.

welcome new students message display on signage

Welcome students

Make the students feel welcome to the class or the campus with a beautiful template just to make them feel at ease and embrace the new year that is about to start.

world book day message template for signage

Display notices

Need any urgent announcement to make or make the students know about the latest happenings at the school, signages can be put to a good use here.

why dotsignage in education

Why DotSignage?

DotSignage as a Digital Signage software helps campuses to manage communication across remotely placed screens easily in a few taps. Our clients prefer us because:

  • The system is simple, quick and easy to install and use
  • It can be accessed from anywhere making life of educators and students hassle-free
  • One can schedule content to be played on TV screens well in advance and go with a dry-run in case of events
  • The system supports multiple formats like image, interactive HTML or videos
30 plus screen

Got more screen for display?

More screens require more timing to manage. Go for DotSignage and make things smoother for you!

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