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Create burger digital menu board templates that prompt your customers to order more

Surely burgers are everyone’s favorite but with so much competition and options to choose from, you ought to have menu boards that prompt your visitors or passing crowds to try them out.

We have currently more than 700+ in-built menu board templates that can be easily picked up and edited as needed. You can also go on to create a template from scratch if you need.

Our drag and drop editor easy to use, has tons of formatting and alignment options to work with. You can pretty much create any kind of burger template that you want.

If you are a big fan of the kind of burger menu templates that are used at McDonald’s and Burger King, you can find similar templates and even go on to create one that you like from scratch.

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Highlight what makes your burgers special and grab more sales

Your crowd-pleasers need to be presented in a way that more and more people might want to try them out. Instead of limiting yourself to just one menu board that will display all your menu items, you can go on to create a different menu board for your menu specials.

With our template editor, you are free to create as many templates as you need. So, you can go on to create a different template only with your menu specials to highlight them more.

Make sure to only put limited items on this particular template so they are easy to read and place order for. You can keep trying different colors of your brand to get a look that works best for your customers.

The best part about our solution would be that it offers you the flexibility of modifying the templates whenever you want from wherever you are.

Showcase your menu specials

Highlight your newly added menu items

Display your offers/promotions

Highlight what makes your burgers special

Engage with videos

Display high quality burger images as a slideshow

Custom DESIGNS? Hire our design expert

2 Easy Steps

At first thought, it might seem that designing a menu board might be very difficult or a time-taking task. But trust us when we say it's not.

If you are in a dearth of time, you can pick up any of these templates and tweak them really quickly if you need. All you need to do is simply double-click on the particular menu section and you get all the formatting options you need.

Design or create the burger menu template like you need and go on to publish them. The editor is designed keeping the end user in mind so it you create exactly what you are looking for.

How can our solution help you create an amazing burger digital menu board:

  • We offer tons of burger templates that are used worldwide and are crowd favorites
  • Design a menu board template of your choice easily from our template editor too
  • With tons of stock images, shapes and icons that you can go on and use on your menu boards
  • There is no limit to the number of templates you can create after you subscribe with us
  • Create an amazing mix of videos, menu boards and burger food images to keep customers hooked to the screens
  • Hire our professional designers to get a customized menu board designed to your liking
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Why does your burger place need digital menu boards?

Your burgers are surely selling a lot but there is always a scope to improve your sales figures. That’s where our digital menu board solution can help you.

If used right, we bet you will start noticing more footfalls and eventually more sales. The key is to create an amazing looking burger digital menu board and keep engaging your customers with promotions and menu specials.

How DotSignage can help your burger space to thrive:

  • You can use our in-built template editor to create the kind of template that you need
  • Get to choose from 700+ in-built templates. We keep adding more from our side every month
  • You can upload your own images to the templates to make them more relatable for your customers
  • Create more engagement with amazing videos and a slideshow of images + videos
  • Use our news feed apps to keep your customers updated on the latest happenings

One Solution, multiple uses!

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Display burger specials

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Use chalkboard burger menu templates

burger meal digital display

Sell more with burger combos

30 plus screen

Got more screen for display?

More screens require more timing to manage. Go for DotSignage and make things smoother for you!

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