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Easy to use template editor to create a pizza menu board of your choice

Our template editor is quite simple to use. No complex features and everything can be managed in a few simple steps. We have everything right from the stock images, the formatting options, the layering as well as the alignment options. You can play around, take your time and create a template that works best for your display.

Trendy and sleek customisable templates

Relatable stock images to work with

Smart formatting options

Quick and super-easy to update

Ability to create template from scratch

We keep adding more templates

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pizza menu boards template editor

More pizza items or less pizza items - we got you covered!

While some restaurants want to keep it as simple as possible with just a few of their best pizzas, others want diners to have a variety of choices to work with. We have both kinds of templates that you can pick up and edit like you need. You can also go on to create a new template altogether if you want.

Templates covering both more or less items

Menu customizations like you need

Add different sizes to select from

Same template can be used for multiple locations

Custom DESIGNS? Hire our design expert

2 Easy Steps

Upload your menu, add it to playlist, schedule it as per your need and publish. Now you are good to go! A few simple steps to get you started.

Digital signage system are handy for your pizza store, here's why :

  • Ready to use templates to design your menu
  • Simple and quick process to get things live
  • Ample of stock images to create a template of your choice
  • Prices can be updated right away as and when needed
  • Instant offers and promotions can be created and displayed
  • Easy to use layering options to use multiple images
dotsignage digital signage in pizza store

Why your pizza store deserves a Digital Signage system?

Be it an unplanned dinner or group get together, pizza shops are always preferred. Margherita pizza might be the most ordered item but do you want your diners to try the newly introduced butternut squash pizza too? Bring it to everyone’s notice with Digital Signage.

Digital Signages tend to grab the eyeballs and with the right content, they can take your store on a roll.

A few reasons why you need them:

  • A reliable way to centrally manage your menu prices and items at all locations
  • An ideal platform to display your new menu items and promote them
  • Generate more order value by cross and upsell of items displayed
  • Establish a striking brand image with eye-grabbing food images
  • A scalable and flexible solution fitting every need of a digital display

Are you looking for?

Save paper and costs on printing

Digital signages act as a replacement of paper menu thus saving paper acting as an environment friendly solution. They also help you save on printing cost coming from regular menu updates.

Get rid of redundant processes

Content when managed manually requires physical presence of someone. Digital signages resolve the issue with a quick process and ability to remotely manage multiple screens at one go.

Promote your food with HD images

When customers look at the high definition images of mouth-watering food images, it creates a strong brand image in their minds relating to your quality and level of food being served.

Secure Brand consistency across all locations

Traditionally at multiple locations of a same brand, inconsistency is observed due to several factors. Digital signages allow you to manage things centrally thus eliminating the problem.

One Solution, multiple uses!

delicious pizza images on screen

Highlight Special Offer

pizza template

Mention Pizza toppings

pizza menu board on tv screen

Simple Pizza Menu

30 plus screen

Got more screen for display?

More screens require more timing to manage. Go for DotSignage and make things smoother for you!

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