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Make your customers want to order more with our appetizing ice-cream digital menu boards.

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Attract more customers and increase sales with ice-cream shop digital menu boards

Our digital menu boards are not just about showcasing your menu, it is more about what makes your different from others and how much a right menu means to you.

Every ice cream shop is looking to establish a different vibe with their offerings. With the many templates that we have designed after thorough research, you get what are looking for.

With a beautiful mix of ice-cream images, videos and menu boards, you are sure to grab more eyeballs and hence more orders. Who doesn’t love ice-creams after all?

Pick up from our 700+ templates

Design your own from scratch

Use your own images and videos to engage customers

Manage content remotely

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Easy to update and use as needed

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Use our in-built templates or design with our template editor!

The team of designers at DotSignage keep themselves updated with the latest market trends and design menu board templates that are as per the latest market needs.

Right from the minimalist look, the chalkboard kind to the retro ones, we keep adding for every type, so our customers have enough choices to select from the many options.

If you are designing a menu board from scratch, you get variety of backgrounds, 1000+ stock images, shapes, alignment options and several easy-to-use formatting options to create what you want.

Create a menu template from scratch

Upload your own images if needed

Choose from 1000+ stock images

Use seamless alignment and layering options

Edit and update as you need

Undo or redo to make things faster

Custom DESIGNS? Hire our design expert

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With DotSignage, you are not just limited to using our menu board templates on your screens. You can upload your own ice-cream best seller images, videos to create more engagement and even create a slideshow to derive more orders as well as engagement.

We also have several news feeds that you can put to good use as a ticker on the TV screens to keep your customers updated on the latest happenings.

How our digital menu board solution helps you save time?

  • Select from our ready in-built templates and tweak them like you need
  • Any item or price updates only take a couple of minutes to update
  • You can be anywhere and yet you can update your menu easily
  • The setup takes only 15-20 mins so you get started very quickly
  • We keep adding more templates so if you wish to change your menu, we have options
  • You can market your specials or happy hours easily with our scheduler
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Why your ice-cream shop needs a digital menu board?

Paper menus are clearly not the trend now. They are not as flexible as digital menu boards and it is a tedious process to update your paper menus as and when you need. 

Digital menu boards remove every drawback of paper menus and that’s why they are a perfect match for all your menu update needs. You can be anywhere and you don’t have to worry about updating your menu board for an out-of-stock menu item.

How DotSignage can help your ice-cream shop?

  • It helps you manage your menus and its updates very easily
  • It lets you promote your key menu items to grab more sales
  • It gives you the freedom to design your menu boards like you need
  • You get access to 700+ in-built templates to choose from
  • You can derive more engagement with ice-cream gifs or videos
  • You save on the paper menu printing costs and time that goes with it

One Solution, multiple uses!

ice cream menu with images

Promote menu specials

ice cream offer promotion template

Grab attention to increase sales

ice cream scoop menu design

Update or edit menus as you need

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