Digital Signage for Employee Communication

Create a smart, effective and flawless communication process with digital signage across your office premises

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digital signage for employee communication

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Be it introducing new employees, announcing the employee of the month or displaying the schedule of events planned, digital signage are easy to use for whichever purpose you are looking to employ them.

Digital Signage makes it easy to communicate with employees:

  • They help you get rid of manual communication processes
  • They are more effective due to the eye grabbing effect that they create
  • Displays can be pre-planned in case of events
  • Save yourself from drafting lengthy mails
  • Resources, paper and printing costs are saved
  • Consistent communication across multiple office locations
employee communication board

Why do you need a Digital Signage Solution for employee communication?

Beautifully designed mailers or announcements are mostly a way in which all the communication is managed in larger organizations. Digital employee communication board takes this a step ahead. They come in handy since it is difficult to create an effective employee communication especially if the office has multiple floors.

Often HR and office communicators face the issue of ensuring if their messages have passed through. Digital signage easily grabs the attention which ensures that the messages are conveyed and bought to notice.

Here's why Digital Signage Solutions are best Way to Communicate:

  • Better communication is always a need for bigger organizations. Digital employee signage assists in the same.
  • A best mode to keep the employees updated about company initiatives and updates in the organization.
  • All in one solution to manage the bulletins, media slideshows, training videos and company announcements
  • Cost-efficient and easy to use system that can be managed by a single person for multiple locations.
  • Reliable control over screens at remote locations. One can know what content is being played in every screen to track the displays.

Are you looking for?

Establish effective communication lines

Replace the mails and bulletin boards with Digital Signages. Easily create and schedule important announcements without having to go through the manual process of displaying it across multiple bulletin boards.

Centrally control multiple screens

Digital Signage system allows you to add as many screens as you need and manage them either in group or individually from a centralized portal that can be accessed from anywhere and managed with ease.

Broadcast consistent messages effortlessly

MNCs always struggle to maintain consistent communication across offices in different countries. Digital signage solution helps them display same messages everywhere leading to a connected network of offices.

Reliable and Flexible Signage solution

The system is scalable enough to manage end number of screens. It is easy to operate and can assist you in displaying the desired content with less efforts. Since it is more reliable and offers better security.

One Solution, multiple uses!

internal announcement using digital signage

Event Announcement

internal notifications in office

Internal Notification

employee recognition using digital tv screen

Employee Recognition

30 plus screen

Got more screen for display?

More screens require more timing to manage. Go for DotSignage and make things smoother for you!

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