Why Your Hotel Needs a Lobby Digital Signage and What You Need to Get Started?

Be it a short business trip, friend reunion or a solo trip to relax – one’s experience at your hotel matters. Hospitality industry survives on the experience it delivers and so it needs to be the best. Hotel digital signage has been gradually entering the industry creating a revolution of sought.

They are a one-time investment, create a good impact on visitors, are easy to manage and can be used for multiple purposes. The important question that a hotel is faced when they decide to have digital signage is where to start and go about things. They might start with the lobby and eventually decide to go for digital signage at various other sections of the hotel. Read further and we have covered it all.

Why Your Hotels Should have a Lobby Digital Signage

1. Give a modern touch to your lobby

Beautiful paintings, a well groomed receptionist and a delicious welcome drink are important to give a great lobby feeling for guests at your hotel. Having a digital signage would just be step further.

A beautifully prepared video showing the different amenities of your hotel, the feedback of visitors, the awards on hospitality received, the USP of your hotel and reasons why your hotel should be a first choice to stay can be displayed.

hotel amenities on digital signage

A welcome message for important guests can also be displayed. Calendar of activities during festivals can be displayed so families wanting to attend them can plan things accordingly.

2. Create more engagement among guests

Guests while waiting in the lobby areas are often equipped with either magazines or welcome drinks to pass their time with. A lot of guests with family might have a hard time taking care of young kids. Having an engaging hotel digital signage that displays more engaging content would do the trick.

hotel event promotion on tv screen

By showcasing videos that display your previous events, details on new amenities you have introduced or the great food that your restaurants serve, guests can be intrigued and kept glued till their waiting time passes.

Most of the visitors might be first-timers in your city. The best you can do is prepare a video on your city guiding them through the best places to visit and places to get good exchange rates or nice restaurants outside of your hotel to go to. By doing so, you would be answering some tiring questions that tourists often have a hard time finding answers to when they are visiting your city for the first time.

3. Improve your revenue figures with Hotel Lobby Digital Signage

It’s no denying that guests at your hotel are there to grab a good experience. In such scenarios the exquisite suite you have introduced or the amazing spa treatments that you launched or a new five start restaurant experience you have added to your services can add to your overall bills if promoted the right way.

hotel spa promotion on digital signage

The digital signage at your hotel lobby is the first point of interaction with your guests and by displaying these services at the very first go, it motivates guests to go for them. Additionally your hotel can partner with local tourist locations or restaurants to promote their offerings at your premises and mutually benefit. With all the promotions going, just make sure that digital signage just do not play the role of a marketer because it can seem to get quite boring for guests and they might eventually lose interest in what further is going to come up on the digital signage.

4. Assist your guests in finding their way through your hotel premises

Finding your way through a hotel premise can be tricky especially if the hotel is huge. There might be a separate golf playing area or maybe squash, a separate pool area or the spa premises. With so many amenities, it is essential that digital signage is used to help guests find their way through your hotel.

wayfinding lobby digital signage

Traditionally, guests might find their way by either asking for guidance from the staff but with digital signage placed at every corner of your office, it becomes easy and also sounds impressive for the guests. The wayfinding can be customised per screen as needed based on the location it has been placed making it simple to understand and interpret instead of showcase the same content on every signage. The content can be easily managed and improvised as needed from time to time

5. Enhance the protection of your guests

hotel emergency alert on tv signage

Security of your guests is of utmost importance and it is mandatory for a hotel to stay prepared for any emergency security situations that might come up. It is important that a message reaches out to the visitors very fast especially in emergency situations. Digital signage help to do so in the best possible way because the message can be passed on in a matter of seconds. Emergency notifications and messages can be broadcasted in all the screens of your hotel when such a situation arises.

what are the things needed to have a hotel lobby digital signage

With the decision to have digital signage at your hotel, it becomes essential to know what all things are needed to have the solution at your lobby. Make sure to have the below things and you are good to go:

Appropriate hardware for your lobby

Getting the right digital signage TV screen for your lobby is essential. Make sure you have the right size, the right brand and the right OS that supports the CMS you opt for. The size should be considered taking in mind the kind of lobby you have and the space you are allotted to have the digital signage TV screen. Since digital screens are an investment, make sure you select a brand that is known for them and also a brand that offers good warranty.

Select the right digital signage software solution

As much as the right hardware solution is important, the choice of a right software is equally of importance. With many CMS solutions available in the market, make sure you have evaluated them based on their price, the features that they offer, the OS that they work with, the support team that they have and the sturdiness of the system. Most of the software solutions offer the solution to use on a trial period. You can opt for those to see if your staff is able to manage them properly and then go ahead to choose your preferred one

How to go about the dilemma of whether to have digital signage at your hotel lobby or not?

Since traditional ways of going about things have been quite set and one often finds it difficult to change it. The decision of having a giant screen at your lobby and all the things that go around it is quite major.

One needs to be sure that they are going to use the TV screen for several things and are ready to go through the slight bit of training that is needed to use it.

Make sure your staff is properly trained and is ready to take on to the system since you cannot be there always to monitor if they are actually using it the right way.

Tech solutions are the future of the hospitality industry and the sooner they are adapted, the better. DotSignage is a digital signage software solution provider that offers services keeping the industry trends and needs in mind. For any queries or questions in regards to digital signage, feel free to reach us out on info@dotsignage.com or Discover more with our 7-day trial of hotel lobby digital signage.

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