How Important is the Need for Digital Signage at Hospitals?

According to a study by Arbitron Inc, 75% of hospital patients can recall at least one message from digital sign.

Caregivers and patients who rely on communication via digital signages say that the content enhances their hospital experience and provides helpful health information. 

Around 78% say that they actively seek digital signage whenever possible for information!

By 2028 itself, the US Digital signage market is set to reach USD 8.0 billion .

These figures bring out the importance of digital communication be it for healthcare, retail, hospitality, corporate, education or any other industry.

So coming to the hospitals, there are many ways you can use signages to communicate with your patients, visitors and staff. A single signage can be used to display content pertaining to different situations which make it a resourceful thing to have. 

How can you use Digital Signage at the Hospitals?

1. Guide first-time visitors to their destination

healthcare signage wayfinder on digital signage

People who are visiting hospitals are already under a lot of pressure or stress, naturally because they are there to get some healthcare condition to be treated or diagnosed. 

If the hospital is big, which most of them usually are, it might get difficult for the first time patients to find the doctor they are to visit or the patient room if any close one is visiting the first time. 

Healthcare digital signage can act as a good way to display guidelines for the doctors offices and the layout for the particular section.That way, it gets easier for them.

Mostly once a visitor enters the hospital beyond the waiting room, the place is cluttered with patients, nurses and doctors. It gets difficult to navigate where to go and signages can be a very good solution for it. 

2. Display your hospitals achievements to enhance credibility

show your expert doctor on digital display

Many visitors will come to your hospital for the first time via a reference or because they googled you and found good reviews. 

By displaying a slideshow of your achievements, the experienced doctors that you have on board and the well-equipped infrastructure you have to perform several surgeries, you can establish credibility.

You can go on to showcase the accreditations, highest benchmark standards and success stories to increase the trust factor among new patients. 

3. Work on anxiety levels in the waiting room

display bbc health news on digital signage

One cannot expect the hospitals to not be filled with anxious people. There are patients waiting to get their results, there are the near ones who are waiting for a patient in a surgery or there is someone who just heard that their close one is no more! 

While some happy or relieving news are also a part of the place, most of it is filled with anxiety and stress. Having signage in the waiting area that displays some light headed content can take a lot of things from people’s minds. 

You can go on to display news feeds of the channel most viewed in your area to keep viewers a bit intrigued and hence away from the high levels of anxiety they have!

4. Thank the donors and request others to participate

promote fundriser person on hospital tv screen

By displaying a thanking message to all the donors for their help will really help them value their deed even more. Others will be inspired and if there is someone who wants to participate, they can do too.

You can go on to display the contact details of the responsible person who is looking into these matters.

If the donor is a well-known figure, it also brings in more viewership and trust factor among the visitors who watch it the first thing they visit your hospital.

5. Offer better and personalised patient care 

Personalised care can be done in so many interesting ways. It could be of great help to both the patients and the visiting doctors. 

If your hospital has a TV screen in each patient room, or in some specific rooms for patients that require special care or are dealing with some serious issues, videos on recovery help can be displayed or a slideshow of all the facts can be displayed. 

By displaying some comedy clips, news on entertainment or news feeds, you can keep the stress levels of patients at bay and even help them recover faster.

6. Display important or emergency announcements across hospital

warning message on hospital tv screen

An emergency announcement of a fire breaking out or safety measures in case of power-cuts, break-ins by an active intruder or active shooters, vehicular accidents or a similar situation can be handled by displaying it on signages at instant. 

Templates of such situations can be prepared well in advance and can be showcased if such a situation comes up. 

If there is a fire or power-cuts, messages with safety protocols and fire-exits can be shown and everyone can be guided.

7. Enhance visitor experience

Visitors can be given digital catalogues in tablets to explore the range of facilities available at the location. By doing so, they can know more about the kind of services that your hospitals offer. 

Details on the helpful insurance plans, the donor help as well as emergency contacts can be displayed in the catalogues or screens to make it easier for them to contact the right person as needed. 

At which all Places in the Hospital can you use Digital Signage?


You can go on to have digital check-in/outs on a tablet. Or you can go on to display news feeds, latest happenings in the medical field, list of qualified doctors in your board, the infrastructure facilities you have here or the success stories. 

Reception is going to be the first place that people tend to take notice of when they visit your hospital. Make sure you put the right content that grabs attention. 


wayfinding guide for hospital

You can go on to display wayfinding guides at the hallways or details about  that particular section of the hospital so everyone knows in which part of the hospital they are in. 

If you are having certain camps like that of a blood donation, health awareness or if you want to display details about the staff you have, the new infrastructure at your hospital, the hallways can be a great place for it. 

Motivational quotes can also be displayed to keep the spirits of patients, nurses, doctors and visitors high. 

Waiting Rooms

Waiting for something good is exciting but if you are waiting at a hospital, well it’s going to be filled with anxiety. In such a situation, it is good to display something that takes everyone’s mind off the current situation. 

By displaying news, weather reports, some light entertainment content or some good speeches, you can make the atmosphere a bit more controlled and light.

Cafeteria or Canteen 

Digital signages can be used to display menu boards across the cafeteria section of your hospital. This promotes contactless orders and also makes it easier to place orders. 

The staff at the cafeteria section can go on to manage menu updates very easily. Healthy food options can be highlighted to prompt everyone to place orders from it. 

The amount of protein, carbs and other nutrients can be highlighted in the menu as well. 

Gradually a lot of hospitals and healthcare centres are moving towards digital signages for swift communication with the visitors and control the aura of the place. If you own a huge hospital, you ought to have digital signages to improve the visitor and patient experience. 

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