5 Top Reasons why you Should have Dental Digital Signage at Your Clinic!

A recent survey shows that 75% of caregivers as well as the patients who view messages on digital signage feel that the content improves their hospital experience and provides helpful health information.

Today we are going to talk about how signage at dental clinics can be of great advantage to both the patients as well as the staff and the dentist.

The hardware will be a one time investment and the software will be a miniscule payment that will recur but honestly, give you much more than what you pay.

How Digital Signage helps Dental Clinic to Engage with Patients

reasons to have digital signage at dental clinic

Ease out the silence with some lively content

Well the patients at your dental clinic will surely not be all hail and hearty when they arrive. Though dental procedures may not be cent percent life-threatening, they are surely not a joyful ride either. 

The awkward silence except for the presence of the kids is definitely not an ideal way to wait for patients. In this scenario, you can go on to display some reruns of good shows or subscribe for channels that already show such content. 

Displaying news feeds from a preferred news channel can also be a very good way to keep everyone engaged. 

Educate patients on dental healthcare practices 

educate patients on digital signage

A lot of dental procedures are new to patients though they might have heard of it. Dental hygiene needs a better tending to by everyone in their daily lives, however it is often ignored and missed. 

The result is a dental surgery that could have been otherwise avoided. By displaying details on good dental hygiene practices, your patients can have very important takeaways from your clinic. 

Display notices or announcements promptly

inform patients about new dental clinic announcement

If you own a big dental practice, it would be of essence to have signage at your clinic. You can start by displaying the clinic timings, the standard protocols being followed, the certifications, testimonials and details on the available practitioners with their time-slots. 

In case of any emergency like fire or unavailability of any dentist, your staff can quickly pin down a notice for the same and go on to display it on the screens. 

Showcase client testimonials to grab more trust.

Again, people often look for the most reliable and affordable services when they have so many options to work with. Dental procedures definitely are not easy on pockets and hence, if someone is looking to spend it, the money should be worth it. 

It is always nice to collect feedback and reviews from your customers. Showcase them on the screens to grab more trust from first time customers. Make sure to keep updating these reviews so they feel relevant and real. 

It makes the wait time of your patients less boring

promote your dental offer

Definitely waiting at the reception area is not an ideal way to spend your time. But if you have a good dental signage display that displays interesting content, keeps changing from time to time and stays relevant, it does the job quite fine. 

It is always nice to have a mix and match of everything. Display your clinic timings, dental hygiene slides, the testimonials, certifications and a local news feed, you can easily go on to make the display interesting for your customers. 

Check out our 5 best dental templates that we feel you can put to a quick use at your dental clinic

1. Display your clinic tagline!

show your dental clinic message

A good short line or a motto that summarises the vision of your dental clinic always sits in the patient’s minds.You can go on to display your own tagline that works best for you. 

This works like a subtle marketing of sought creating a lasting impression and recall rate.

2. Enlist the services and procedures!

promote your dental service offers

Showcase your list of services at your clinic or the special procedures that only your clinic offers. You could get a lot of referrals with this. 

This template can then be accompanied with a good video on each of the procedures. 

3. Collect Reviews

collect review for your dental clinic

It would be nice to collect reviews and patient experience and ultimately go on to display them on the signage itself. 

This template can very well be locked in to grab as many reviews as you can to get feedback and improvise your patient experience. 

4. Highlight offers

highlight dental clinic offer on signage

A good template that highlights your offers along with a good image can always draw more attention and indirectly help you in grabbing more patients. 

This works in favour of both – the patients as well as the clinic. 

5. Display Contact details

promote your dental clinic contact details

Though your patients are already there, it could so happen that a friend accompanying them could be interested and jot down the contact details for future reference or even your patient might want it to refer to someone else. 

Displaying contact information can always work out in your favour in some way! 

Check out some more templates from our end: 

Reach us out at info@dotsignage.com if you are looking to explore dental digital signage or sign up for our 7 day free trial today!

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