November 2019 Update – We have launched an improved and enhanced second update of DotSignage. Check out more!

We, at DotSignage, strive to offer a multipurpose solution to our valuable customers each passing day. In the past few months, we have been rigorously working on developing some extensive updates in the current version of the app.

Here is a brief on the interesting updates we are coming up with:

1. Multi-zone easily:

When a single screen is divided into multiple sections to display different content, it is termed as multi-zoning. When visitors at your premises tend to have different viewing tastes, this serves the purpose. One section can show weather, other can show news feed or social media feeds as per your need.
The idea is to display more content and utilize the screen space to an efficient level. This directly reflects in the engagement efforts that are being fostered using digital screens.

2. Improved Content Management:

Earlier, each time you used to update a playlist, it used to download the updates again. Now, unless you are uploading a new content altogether, this process would be skipped. So, if you are using already uploaded images in the playlists, it won’t be updating every time and would continue to play seamlessly.

create multiscreen digital signage

3. More Apps in the App store:

We already offer Instagram and digital menu in our App Store section. We have further added digital catalogue and website scroll in the newly released version. With digital catalogue you can display range of your products that you offer for the visitors to explore with their features and specifications. With website scroll, one can display their website page on the TV screen and it will auto-scroll at a specific set of defined time.
We hope you are satisfied with our latest update. Do pour in your thoughts on our app update at and help us improve or try our 7 day free trial to explore more

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