All You Need to Know to Start Using Digital Menu Boards at Your Barbecue Restaurant!

The slow cooked barbecue food never goes out of fashion. The food world often comes up with modern delicacies to be relished but barbecue is something that has always been a goto not only at home during a weekend but also at the restaurants.

If you own a barbecue restaurant, it would be prudent to have a digital menu boards that highlights the beauty of your menu items along with the preparation process. If this is a thought that has crossed your mind before but yet to get into effect, read on and you will find how to go about it!

Firstly, let’s find out the benefits of having digital menu boards at your barbeque restaurant:

  • Make easy updates within minutes to your menu items and prices
  • Go on to display amazing videos of the food being barbequed to get more eyeballs and attention to your food
  • Create a slideshow of food items, interesting feeds and videos to make the menu boards more interesting
  • Easily schedule different menu or the content on the menu board as needed
  • Update the menu from anywhere, anytime!

What are the costs associated with having a digital menu board at your restaurant?

The cost of any smart could start from as low as $160 and go on with the size and brand that you opt for. The media play could cost as low as $20 and the menu board software could go upto a few dollars per month. (checkout our pricing)

You can grab the best offers on your menu board TV at BestBuy, Wal-Mart or Target. (Our recommended Hardware)

How to Design a Digital Menu Board for Barbecue Restaurant?

benefits of using digital menu boards at barbecue restaurant

A few key points to take note of while going for the right choice of a menu board design:

  • Choose a right menu board template for your menu
  • Make sure to choose a template that offers some good room for images to be used
  • Pick up a brown tone of shade for your menu that goes well with the Barbeque theme. Some even prefer to go for chalkboard style.
  • Choose the font type and size that are easy to read and edit.
  • Highlight the type of barbeque you use – like gas grill, kettle grill, charcoal, smoker or the other types. Diners often would want to know this.

Improve customer experience with the varied barbeque menu templates that we have with DotSignage, you can go on to select the one that fits best for your needs, in terms of everything like the ease of edits, the ability to modify or add more menu images and menu items with prices.

Check out some of our exquisitely designed barbeque digital menu boards templates that you can simply pick up to set up you menu:

1. Free Beer Template

offer promotion barbeque menu design

Just two things on this menu and yet it looks quite elegant and amazing. Pick up this template or use the same image we have or put one of your best here. Add your best menu specials as well here.

Make sure to put minimalistic items on this to restore the clean look of this one. You can go on to create multiple templates putting menu items of each section and create a slideshow.

2. The specials template

promote special offer on tv display

This one offers a good scope to use multiple images along with a good space to add your one special item to the right.

Again if you are planning to keep this theme for your menu and have a lot of menu items to display at hand, create a slideshow of all of these. Make sure to keep a good amount of time slots on each slide so that it gets enough time to be viewed by the customer.

3. The classic white one

family meals offer promotion menu

For all the right reasons, the colour white will never go out of style. This template offers almost every kind of flexibility you need and also the ability to put your entire menu in a single template.

The best part is you have a choice to play with colours that go best with the food images you choose to display instead of sticking to the brown one that we have.

4. The one with everything

chicken bbq combo menu display screen

This template would go well if you have a huge menu and want to fit in everything on a single screen. Simply edit the name of the sections and the menus, input the item prices as needed.

This template even offers the flexibility of adding combo items in the very same template instead of going for a different one altogether for it.

5. The awesome black and yellow one

digital menu boards barbecue restaurant

The very reason we adore this template is that you simply do not need to edit anything in this one except for the menu items and its prices.

We expect you to use this one only for the menu specials that you wish to highlight.

All said and done, with the right software choice, I think your job gets easier. If you are looking to explore our menu board solution, reach us out on or check out our 7 day free trial!

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