How Digital Menu Boards Improve Customer Experience in Barbecue/BBQ Restaurant

Who doesn’t love a Barbecue? All that smokiness and the grill does add a lot of taste to food. And when the food is served right to your table, the joy of having it increases even more.

As a Barbecue restaurant, your job is not only to serve some delicious barbecue food, but also to present your food items in a way that diners are prompted to try them. With so many acclaimed barbecue places, opting for smart solutions like digital menu boards is a prudent move.

BBQ Restaurant Menu display screen not only open doors to improving your menu display but also make it very easy to make updates in your menu as and when needed. With eye-popping food images and elaborative details displayed for every menu item, it is easier for the diners to place orders without any guidance.

Why should you have Digital Menu Boards at your BBQ Restaurant?

digital menu boards for barbecue

With so many reasons to have menu boards, here we list down the few important ones

  • They are easy to update and manage as compared to paper menus
  • They make it easier for diners to place orders with the use of images and detailed description.
  • They offer a better customer experience
  • They save costs on re-printing of paper menus by replacing them
  • They help you increase staff productivity
  • Different menus for specific day with a specific time can be pre-scheduled well in advance
  • With so many BBQ templates available within our CMS solutions, you can easily modify them and use it instantly.

Studies show that visuals have a direct impact on the ordering process of diners. Food images of items lead to more efficient ordering and users also then to try different things based on the images they see. Good quality images prompt them to try new things. The more the merrier.

Offers that introduce new items tend to do well with relating food images on it so users can visualize what their order would look like.

How BBQ Digital Menu Boards Improve Customer Experience

barbecue digital menu board template

Customer experience is a factor that every business thrives on. That said, it is important for any restaurant to explore the many reasons why TV screen menu help you improve your customer experience.

1. Display Dynamic Content to generate more customer interest in your menu

In a world that spends most of its time on smartphones, television screens or computers, having static menu boards is quite boring. People are always looking for a wow factor and believe it or not, digital menu boards can be used to deliver that.

By showcasing interesting videos on the food items being prepared on the Barbecue, or fun parties being held at your place or breathtaking food images being placed on offers, it becomes easy to grab eyeballs of diners and make their dining experience more memorable. By displaying new items in your menu or highlighting that special dessert of the day, diners can be tempted to try them out.

Customers go to dine so they can enjoy delicious food and spend quality time but the story doesn’t end here. Customer experience is equally important. Static BBQ menus stand behind in delivering it compared to digital menu boards which are much more interactive, smart and easy to handle

Smit Nebhwani, CEO of DotSignage a leading digital signage software provider.

“There is always some reluctance to try new things but with changing times, businesses need to adapt to effective solutions keeping customers in mind. Digital menu display help solve a lot of issues that paper menus don’t for both the restaurants as well as customers” he added.

2. You can create a brand image that customers can connect with

instagram wall on bbq restaurant

Branding is going to play a very important role in the survival of your business for the new decade that we are starting with. Post Covid-19, it is going to be even more crucial that your brand stands for healthy and delicious both.

Digital menu boards help your restaurant to establish a brand connect with customers. Wondering how? There are many ways a TV screen can be used like, to display the menu (obviously!), to show your social media feeds like that of Instagram to gain more followers and connect with them on a regular basis, highlight day wise menu offers or engage diners with videos of their favorite Barbecued food item being prepared.

With the current time, you can gain more confidence in your diners by showcasing on large display the process of safety protocols that are being followed to prepare food. Since Digital menu boards have more of a visual effect, it grabs more attention.

3. Enhance customer security and convenience

Its help you eliminate a lot of contact that paper menus tend to have pausing a threat of spreading infections. Security of customers is way more important now and it becomes a responsibility of a restaurant to make sure that customers are safe when they are dining at your premises.

Digital menu boards make it easy to remove the contact and with the right use of fonts and images, one can make it easy for a customer to place an order. High quality images of most ordered items make it easy for customers to place orders for.

A lot of restaurants opt for tablets as well to be placed on each table. These tablets can be sanitised on a regular basis to ensure that they are safe to use.

4. Let your customers know about out of stock or new items on menu instantly

The best part about having digital menu display screen is that you can instantly update it within minutes. If any specific item is out of stock, it would be quite embarrassing if a customer places an order for it and then you are to tell them that it is not available. Instead, you can easily update the menu as you need so diners can place orders for items that can be delivered and are not disappointed.

Also, if you have introduced any new item and you want your customers to try them, you can instantly put up an image about it with a special offer such that diners are tempted to try them out of impulse.

If there are specific items that are on high order value and are liked by your diners, you can easily create a special menu for it to be displayed on weekends such that more orders are received for those items. This will help you get more order amounts and can be easily managed with digital menu boards.

How to Create Brand from a Normal BBQ Restaurant?

Barbecued food is loved a lot but you need to establish a brand impact as such that customers feel inclined to try your food. It all goes in the effort to create a visual appeal that restaurants are willing to put into it.

The more visuals that have motion in them tend to grab more eyeballs and keep customers engaged. There is no point in having digital screens and then using them to display static content. Paper menus or any printed material was already providing a static feel. Digital menus if employed should be used to offer a better experience than the same one.

It is also equally crucial to make sure that if you have different branches of your Barbecue restaurant, make sure that same and co-ordinated branding as well as content is displayed for all the screens at the same time. This creates a huge impact in creating your brand name and recall effect among customers.

During rush hours or weekends, customers need to wait and it is during this time when entertaining or exciting content like videos of food being prepared at your kitchen, events or fun facts can be displayed to help them go over through the waiting time.

With the versatility that digital menu screens offer, it would be no point if that is not put to a good use to enhance or establish brand image.

How do design a BBQ restaurant digital menu board?

With our software, one can easily use the already offered numerous bbq digital menu board templates and tweek it as needed. Be if images, HTML or videos, any type of content can be displayed on menu screens. If your design team has curated a menu and you are planning on using it, it can be uploaded on the system and displayed on the screens as needed.

Menu items can be easily updated or added, food images can be inputted along with detailed descriptions. With our drag and drop widget, customisations as you feel can be made in the templates provided.

What’s next?

You need to go for a reliable CMS solution that can match all your needs of menu management on digital boards. Make sure you go for a system that is easy to understand and use. DotSignage, is a cloud based solution provider using which you can go live to have digital menus within minutes. With in-built ready made menu templates supported with drag and drop solution, your restaurant staff can go on to make numerous updates 0without help from anyone.

Reach out to us for your queries or inquiries on , You can also try our 7 day free trial for more details.

Smit Nebhwani

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