5 Ways Digital Menu Boards Help QSRs to Efficiently Manage Queues 

Imagine stepping in at a McDonald’s, Subway or any of your favorite QSR and having to wait for minutes before you get your order.

Your first instinct would be not to visit the same place again.

Most of the time, it’s how quickly the order is delivered that impacts the repeat customer ratio for QSRs.

Well, this definitely does not mean that the quality of food is not important.

But if orders are not delivered quickly, it’s a big deal breaker for QSRs.

Good news is that big names like McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks and more and already ahead of the game and went on to implement strategies that led to a major impact on their queue management and order turnaround.

One of the major reasons behind this success was the implementation of Digital Menu Boards

Quick-service restaurants using digital menu screen account for up to 20% of the digital signage industry

Be it drive-thru menu boards or indoor TV screen menu, they have a direct impact on the engagement levels and overall customer satisfaction of your customers.

Coming to customer satisfaction, streamlined queue management is a must.

Here’s why?

  • They lead to a faster order delivery
  • They help your customers save time
  • It helps improve overall brand image
  • Less chances of order errors leading to increased accuracy
  • Aids in simplifying processes during rush hours
  • Helps in the optimal utilization of staff efficiency

If you are out of ideas on how to use digital menu boards in this endeavor, don’t worry!

Here’s How Digital Menu Boards are Effective for Queue Management at QSRs

digital menu boards for queue management

1. Use them to deliver curbside orders quickly

One big advantage of using digital menu boards for curbside customers is the ability to save time.

Since they have the option to view the menu and place orders before physically stepping inside the restaurant, customers can reduce their ‘sight-to-bite’ time.

This organized approach specifically caters to the needs of busy customers and highlights QSR’s commitment to improving the overall ordering experience.

With reduced waiting times and the convenience of pre-ordering, customers are more likely to exhibit increased patience while queuing inside the restaurant.

This thoughtful provision of time-saving solution has a positive impact on the customers’ perception of the establishment, leading to higher customer satisfaction and potentially encouraging repeat visits.

2. Enhance the queueing experience of first-time visitors or new customers

Picture this: You have first-time customers at your bustling QSR, eagerly waiting to dive into your mouthwatering offerings.

Excitement brims as they join what seems to be the order queue, only to discover after 10 long minutes that they’ve been in the ‘order-pickup’ line without even placing an order!

Think about their frustrating start to ordering at your place.

Now imagine clear, eye-catching menu boards strategically placed throughout the QSR, directing customers to the right queues like an expert traffic controller.

These savvy signs will leave no room for confusion. Great food deserves an equally delightful ordering journey and digital menu boards help you get it right.

3. Offer entertainment and engagement during wait times

With the right colors, captivating graphics, and eye-catching animations, digital menu display instantly draws customers’ attention.

Displaying short videos about food being prepared on the digital menu boards provides an entertaining distraction.

These videos could showcase behind-the-scenes kitchen action, customer testimonials, or even fun clips related to the restaurant’s theme, journey or vision, leaving your customers engaged.

Incorporating content rotation ensures that customers are constantly exposed to fresh visuals and messages, preventing boredom and keeping them engaged throughout their wait.

4. Make on to go menu updates

On-the-go updates on your menu boards can significantly improve queue management in several ways.

Digital menu board solutions make it easier to make quick updates as needed.

With on-the-go updates on pricing, menu items or out of stock items, you can instantly reflect changes in menu items, availability, and pricing.

This ensures that customers receive accurate and up-to-date information, reducing misunderstandings and minimizing the chances of order errors or disappointment.

5. How do digital menu boards help in quick order turnaround

With well placed and efficiently designed menu boards, customers are in a position to decide what to order even while they are waiting in the queue.

This way, they are already prepared with the menu items they are planning to order by the time their turn comes in.

It works both ways. The staff can save time in taking orders, which indirectly has an impact on the overall order turnaround for QSR.

A positive increase in the revenue is noticed, you get happier customers and repeat ratio has a positive impact as well.

Digital menu boards have emerged as a game-changer for QSRs in their quest to efficiently manage queues and elevate the overall dining experience.

In this dynamic and ever-changing world, embracing a restaurant tv screen menu is not just a choice; it’s a leap forward into a future of optimized queue management and a more delightful ordering and dining journey for everyone involved.

You can check out a 7-day free trial on digital menu boards to know how much better it gets. You get 500+ in-built menu templates and we keep adding more.

Take your QSR growth journey to the next level with the power of digital menu screen today!

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