How to Start Digital Signage Reselling Business to Skyrocket Your Earnings

Market Introduction:

The global digital signage market is estimated to be USD 16.3 billion in 2021 and projected to reach USD 27.8 billion by 2026; at a CAGR of 11.2%.

Customer Marketplace is gradually adapting to digital signage. Huge corporations have already adopted digital signage for workplace communication to overcome traditional workplace challenges. If you have been associated with business or services that work with digital display, becoming a digital signage reseller is definitely something that you should consider. It can be a profit making opportunity!

If you are wondering where to start and if this is something you might be able to manage, read ahead and find out more.

Join the Digital Signage Reselling Program

There are four important things that are needed in signage: Hardware, software, content and support.

It quite depends on the kind of work profile you already are on based on which you will have to continue with your search. It would be nice to find the right software provider for digital signage . Hardware is something that can be locally procured by your end client or you can partner with a reliable hardware partner as well if you tend to have more of a local demand on the hardware side.

While reaching out for a Software partner, go for the ones that are not only cost-effective but in line with the current needs and trends of the industry such that all your needs can be managed.

Hardware: With so many hardware options available, you need to decide which one you would be offering as a part of your service. Partnering up with a local hardware provider would be the best option to opt for.

Software: This is a very important part of the discussion since there won’t be any point to having signage if a right kind of software is not used or selected. With so many options to select from, you can go for a White Label Partnership with a right software provider like so your customers get the service in your offering.

Content: It is always advisable to have everything as a package offer meaning provide all the services and be a one stop solution for digital signage. That said, consider giving design and content as well a part of it and you can use system’s pre-built templates or a partner with freelancing designers or consultants on the same.

Support: Troubleshooting issues, any issue with the hardware or the software, guidance needed in using the system should all be a part of your services. Make sure to include support services as well a part of your offerings as a reseller.

Which industries need Digital Signage solutions

Digital signage have slowly been foraying their way into every industry since most of them have a need to communicate with their audience. Industries like Education use digital display screen in huge college campuses instead of notice boards.

sell more with digital signage

Retail sectors employ smart TV in the retail store to display offers , new arrivals, discounts or lucky draw winners. Digital signage have gradually become a widely accepted form of communicating mode in the retail sector.

Corporates as well have now been using digital signage for their internal communication. Restaurants can employ signages for menu boards. Religious venues can use TV signage to display prayer schedules. Fitness centres can promote healthy routines or membership offers via digital display. Any industry that is looking to communicate its offerings to customers can go for digital signages.

Decide which industry to start with and gradually pave way into others!

If you are just about to start as a reselling business, make sure that you pick up one industry that has been your core focus area for years instead of just forging into every industry that needs digital signage solution.

The reason to go with this approach is because you are well aware of the ins and outs of the primary industry you serve which makes you capable to sell it well and answer any cross questions that might come in during the process. Once you have established yourself into a single industry, your goodwill might ultimately help you enter into another industry without much effort.

Select the right digital signage vendors to partner with!

white label solution

This is a very important aspect to consider since your business is going to depend on the kind of services the vendors you partner with offer. You are going to act as a bridge between your end customers and these vendors. Make sure that the vendor your choose to partner with is reliable, offers transparent partnerships and is offering the right solution that your customers need.

Below are the basic things to consider while choosing a right partner:

Credibility: Make sure you put enough research in finding out the credibility and standing of the vendor you partner with. Look into the number of years the vendor has been into the business, the other partners and end clients that they have along with the reliability quotient that they can offer post partnership.

The Solution: It is highly important that the solution be it hardware or the software is robust and sturdy as per the market trends. It should be easy to handle and use without much guidance.

Especially when it comes to software, make sure that the product is easy to understand and can be used by a layman with basic training. There is no point to a complex system that the employees of your end client cannot handle.

The Pricing: This is a very important factor since as a reseller, you would be bound to offer the same pricing to your end customers that your partnered vendor is charging. Make sure its competitive and economical. Transparency is a key here and you need to ensure that it is obliged to at both ends.

Formulate a worthwhile sales pitch!

Your sales pitch should be memorable and such that the potential customers chooses to think about it if not going for an instant purchase.It is always smart to include latest statistics in your pitch to back up your sale.

Digital signage have a recall rate of as high as 83% and they tend to grab a view that is 400% higher than the static displays, thus making the majority of the people remember or recall what they saw on the signage screens. Research on the local data of the place or locality you are targeting and place that in your pitch to make it more real and convincing.

Sharpen your knowledge about the industry!

Exclusive research and knowledge on the product you are acting as a seller for is important. That said, before venturing into the reselling business for a digital signage, make you follow the below mentioned basic conventions so as to start:

  • Connect with other resellers in the market and get to know their journey
  • Review case-studies on digital signage and ways they were put to a great use
  • Attend seminars, events and trade shows on signage to meet people in the industry and expand your network.
  • Start by sending newsletters to your existing pool of clients and see how they respond.
  • Dive in the pool of the content available on Youtube about the happenings, the market or anything relating to the industry that you want to know about.

Decide your service role and go for it!!

As we stated above, in a digital signage industry, you could be offering hardware, software, content services or support services. As a digital signage reseller, you need to decide which part you are planning to pick and how to pitch clients for use digital signage

You could go on to offer everything but for a start, that might be difficult. With your experience and understanding of the industry, you can eventually go on to offer everything. As a start:

  • You can offer hardware as a reselling business or software as a reselling business.
  • You can act as a business consultant for several named brands in the industry
  • You can offer exclusive content creation services in the industry
  • You can go ahead and offer personalized training in the industry for big clients

It all goes a long way since once you start, there are many things you can eventually do as a reseller. A few months might be tricky but with the promising future that digital signage offer, you can surely plant it to a successful venture and open a new revenue stream altogether.

Are you interested in being a digital signage software reseller? Reach us out at to know more about our Reseller program or schedule demo with our CEO. We bet, it’s a great one to go with!!!

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