8 Reasons why You should become a White Label Partner with DotSignage

Your business can thrive only if it is in line with the market needs. There are ways you can always add more to what you have to offer to your clients. That said, if you are into digital signage, there are so many things you can act as a solution for. If you are a hardware provider, you can provide software as well. If you are a POS reseller, you can add digital signage software to your portfolio. If you are a designer, you can again add a CMS software for your clients to manage their screens.

DotSignage is a digital signage software solution provider that has been offering a cloud-based CMS software to easily manage any type of content over remote screens easily. It also offers a lucrative White Label digital signage partnership using which businesses in the same industry can step up their game.

Advantages of doing White Label Digital Signage Partnership with DotSignage

It would be like we are handing over a system built from scratch to you in your branding. Now, who does that?

Developing a robust software from scratch requires time, proper planning, right development team, testing team and most importantly the right interface. It’s not a one man job and not something everyone can do.

white label digital signage solution

But here we are, offering you an entire such system all in your name and branding such that no one can know it was developed by another team. The best part is, your clients feel it’s your product and feel you went ahead and put in so much of an effort to offer them a solution that eases out their content management needs.

It’s a two way street

It’s a White Label Partnership that we are talking about. Hence, we make sure that both you and us benefit from it. Our rates are extremely competitive and we offer complete freedom to our partners to sell the solution at a price they feel right. There is no bondage or authority with us to decide at what price our solution should be offered.

We get our part of the revenue and you get yours. It could be that you earn double than what we get from this partnership with the pricing models that you might decide to follow based on demand.

We keep adding smart updates and you get all of it for free..

white label digital signage partnership

We have a dedicated development team out here that constantly works to add more comprehensive features that ease out content management on screens and make the most use of the screen space. Our support team keeps you updated about all new features added and you get all these updates for free.

We keep adding new apps, in-built templates that can be used for several purposes, an exhaustive in-built tool like drag and drop with which your clients can design themselves or make changes easily. With this, you can be assured to get a cohesive platform that lets you do all that is to manage content on digital screens.

We take care of server and maintenance

If you are new to the software development world, you probably might not pay that much of an attention to server or maintenance. But, those who are well aware of this know how important it is to have the right server and support team.

With DotSignage, you are relieved of the hustle since we offer you the solution with our dedicated servers that can handle the load and are well prepared to act in case of some uncertainty. Reliability of the solution is what you need when you enter into a partnership and we offer you exactly that.

Our system is customer focused which makes it easy to understand and use

Since you will be offering the solution to your end customers, make sure that you offer something that can be easily understood and managed without much guidance. There is no use of a complex system that demands your attention all the time. User-interface and navigation are an important part of any software product and we have designed DotSignage keeping that in mind.

There are no major complex levels in the system wherein a user has to go from one step to another. We have tried to keep things on a minimum number of screens such that edits can be managed easily with less time. It takes just a few minutes to get the system live at a new location and just a few seconds to make any kind of edit in the current content or design on the screens.

Accommodating and dependable support

Strong and timely support is much needed to take care of all the queries and concerns of your end client. We at DotSignage ensure that your staff is properly trained to handle the queries and are always available 24*7 to take care of support needs in case of assistance needed.

Often last minute updates are tricky especially when the customer is new to the system. In haste they may upload a wrong design or simply not be able to understand what to do. We make sure that we are available to assist in such situations to deliver satisfactory services.

Transparency and Trustworthiness

The two words above are much needed to keep a long term partnership and carry a successful business relationship eventually. We promote transparent relations and make sure that the pricing model is kept transparent and our services and support is such that our partners find us worth their trust.

During the first rounds of discussion on the partnerships, we answer all the questions with complete transparency and there are no hidden charges in our partnerships. We make sure that an agreement is in place and all the terms of the same are followed on both ends.

Last but not the least – We ensure that the partnership is profitable!!

With many digital signage software solution providers in the market, everyone charges as per their market scenario and demand. After in-depth research on the market, we have come up with the pricing models that are competitive and best in the industry such that they work well with all kinds of market scenarios.

Our base cost for the system is very less such that you pay us the base price but as a partner you are free to charge your end clients with the price that seems right. Since you are adding this service to your portfolio, a lot of your customers will choose your business as a one stop solution for all their needs and might turn out to be your long-term customers over a period of time since you are taking care of all their needs.

Now, we can safely say that your white label partnership with DotSignage is going to be way better than you anticipated. Intrigued yet to go for a White Label Digital Signage software partnership?! Reach us out on info@dotsignage.com to know more on it and discuss your needs or You can directly schedule meeting with CEO of DotSignage.

Smit Nebhwani

Smit Nebhwani is a tech entrepreneur with expertise in successfully building SAAS based products. Boasting over a decade of experience in the startup sector, he takes pleasure in sharing valuable insights on all facets of SAAS products. His extensive experience in the digital signage sector has established him as a reputable authority in the industry, and he channels this expertise through some valuable content. In his free time, Smit enjoys music, travelling and spending time with his family.

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