12 Pro Retail Marketing Ideas – It’s Definitely Not About Sales or Online promotion!

The E-commerce world is on a boom and a direct competition to the retail stores. While online shopping has its benefits, people still prefer to step out and go shopping in stores. But every retail shop faces a slump in its numbers for a time being. While the marketers reach to every corner of their mind to figure what best can be done to grab more footfalls, often simple and subtle ways are lost in the heat of the moment.

We have listed out some of the best advice’s given by Pros in the Retail Marketing that can save you time and lots of thinking:

12 Pro Advice for Retail Marketing

1. Participate in local Fairs

If you have started new, the best way to get eyeballs is portraying what you are offering by renting a stand at local fairs. They are a place where people from every corner of the city prefer to go and has a crowd that is looking to try new things. It offers lots of potential to network and establish initial strong base of customers that ultimately grows with referencing.

2. Grab Eyeballs with Striking Digital Signage

retail marketing ideas using digital signage

With smart tech solutions coming for almost every need that a potential customer has, digital signage is something that is meant to ease out the marketing efforts in terms of processes. While designing and the look of the brand along with content is something that needs to be to the point, the very part of projecting them at the right time and the right place is crucial too. Digital Signage systems come to rescue at this very part.

3. Print Your Own Customized Shop Calendar

This might seem out of the radar but it’s definitely worth it. By doing so, it would would sub consciously hold up a place in your customer’s mind with the date and might prompt them to actually come to your shop and try what you bring to the table. It also kind of gives a personal connection with your customers.

4. Collaborate with Another Company in Your Domain for Marketing

Place the marketing posters of your company into the busy streets of the city. Collaborating with another company in the same domain and cross promoting each other’s services can also lead to a better chance and scope of getting more revenue. Eg: A fresh vegetable produce market can collaborate with the restaurant they are offering their produce. Regular customers of the vegetable produce market can visit the collaborated restaurant to avail special discounts on lunch or dinners.

5. Employ a Retail Feedback System

feedback management system for retail store

Feedback be it from any customer is worth a thought and always offers a scope of improvement. By employing a feedback management system at your billing counter, one can gather thoughts of what customers think, improvise on it and even use the feedback to market new offerings to potential customers who suggested the idea at the first place. This also creates an impression on the customers’ mind stating that their feedback is valued and is being worked upon.

6. Arrange for Artist Nights/Meet up

Stores can invite artist to grab more attention and new footfall. Since artists are more socially active, they reach more audience, and this can be banked on to get more visits and please the crowd to your store. This works both ways since the artist will be able to project their talent and you as a store will get more customer base.

7. Train Your Employees with Selling Skills

Employees are the facing front of your store with whom customers interact. It is essential that they have a friendly and cordial attitude that visitors can relate to. While most of the time of the employees is spent on getting the store looking perfect and handling the billing, imbibing more of the selling skills in them will help you convert more walk-ins into a potential sale.

8. Install an Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Kiosks hold the future for retail world. They are an ideal way for potential buyers to explore the products at store with their fingertips. Interactive kiosks are fun, easy to use and hold best to the convenience of its users and can go on to generate good profits over a period of time.

9. Offer Product Bundling

McDonald’s is known for offering great value meal at cheaper rates and those meals are normally preferred by the customers. The same concept can be applied on stores where related items can be combined and sold at a lesser price when purchased in a bundle. The seller can group the item and market the savings that customers make to boost the sale of it.

10. Go Smart with Your Store Experience

While a lot of marketing will bring and attract crowd to your store, ultimately it all comes down to the experience that is delivered at your store. Working and delivering on in-store experience can be a result driven act for the most of it. Working on the positioning of the shelfs, offering pocket friendly and wallet friendly deals can be a good way to market your services and create more sale.

11. Special Packaging for Festive Season

Not only will this give a different look to your product, it will also catch more eyes and attention of your customers. One does not need to change the entire product, simply changing the packaging might do the trick. Festive oriented packaging or changing colors every season inspired by trendy colors for the season in the product being catered will also lead to noteworthy performance.

12. Apply All Together

Well this may sound obvious but workable. Trying each of the above listed ways on its own can lead to better outputs and improved conversions. Going with the traditional method of offering discounts very often can be ditched and these suggested ways can be adopted.

Since the list is extensive, things can be tried out one by one to see which of these work out for you! If you want to try digital signage on your retail store then try our 7 day free trial or drop us a mail on: info@dotsignage.com to know more.

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