How Retail Digital Signage can Elevate and Redefine the Customer Journey?

Customer acquisition is not easy and why would it be? The term ‘Customer is the King’ has been created for a specific reason. The very purpose of marketing is to gain more brand loyalty and customers. 

That said, there is no sure shot way to grab their attention and get more sales. With more competition in every business, new marketing ideas come up every single day. These ideas work for some and they might not work for others.

But there is always a safe bet, a medicine that always works, a door that always opens!  

How Digital Signage Helps Retail Space?

Signages could be all of it and even more for your retail space! 

Let’s start with a simple question – what would you want your customers to do when they enter your retail store?

It’s been a few decades now that signages are already being used in several industries. They are not just meant for the marketing teams, any team be it sales, production, operations or any other segment can put them to good use. Their sole purpose is to spread messages and communicate easily.

how retail digital signage redefine customer journey

More often than not, it’s the end customer that needs to be well communicated about what your product and services stand for. 

You all must have heard about the AIDA strategy that is applied in the sales funnel. It mainly applies to the pre-sales process that will work out in your favour for a potential customer and grab their attention. 

We are picking up this model and discussing how signages can play a vital role in the pre-sales journey of your offerings in the retail space and help you gain more customers.

19% of viewers made an unplanned purchase of something promoted digitally in a retail setting. 4 out of 5 brands noticed a 33% increase in sales after adopting retail digital signage screen.

These are some amazing figures and they surely point out how signages can spin-off your entire sales journey process. 

AIDA stands for:

AIDA Model Funnel
Source: Hubspot
  • Attention – attracting customers to your product/service and creating awareness.
  • Interest – Generating more interest in your offerings by highlighting the need you are fulfilling.
  • Desire – Creating a need and wish to get your product ultimately leading from liking the product to wanting the product.
  • Action – This is the final step where the purchase happens. All the first three steps ultimately lead to this. 

Now comes the main part. How can signages enhance these steps?

Signages as a part of the attention grabbing process! 

retail store outside digital signage display

It’s no secret that signages can be your key point to getting more eyeballs to your displays. Just as many of us are hooked to screens watching our favourite movies, the same level of attention can be grabbed via signages compared to any other media present today! 

It is equally important to know your target audience first and design your marketing strategy with signages. There is no point in running ads of a cold drink at a beauty store. Your target audience can be found at restaurants or small cafes. 

Similarly, there is no point of starting out with offers that your brand offers right away. You need to first educate your target customers about your product and the problem it solves. 

With the right content and signages, you are set for a successful marketing campaign. 

Disney is known to deliver connecting with everyone via powerful storytelling. So are brands like Coca-Cola and Manchester United. 

These brands have created a loyal pool of audience. Majority of it is because of the way they get the attention of their audience and the content they present. 

Many of their ads are shown at locations having key customer bases so the attention level grabbed is more. 

Signages can help you generate more interest in your product or service!

retail digital signage solution

The most difficult part of the sales journey is generating interest. Getting your target audience intrigued about your product is one thing, but having them pay attention with the result of making a purchase is a completely different thing. 

A general marketing template about your product will be the start but to get your potential customers interested, you need to be specific about what needs you are fulfilling. 

mission nutrition healthy food menu

If you are a brand that highlights healthy organic supplements, go on to state what makes them healthy, the process that makes them healthy, the certifications received and how they will benefit your customer. You can start with the kind of ingredients used in your food, the protein content, the fats, the benefit of the dish, the right time to have it etc. 

Make sure all this content is designed in the right manner so customers make a point to read it before placing their order. By displaying the informative content, you can get more orders from those who were otherwise planning on having something very basic or nothing at all. 

Similarly, if you are a cosmetic brand that is completely organic, your target audience needs to know that. 

With retail digital display, it gets easier since the part of getting attention is established with them. All that needs to be done is marketing your product in a way that a customer feels they actually need it. 

Once you reach this stage, spending a couple of more dollars on your product won’t matter that much for your customers.

How can signages assist in creating a desire in the customer’s mind to order your product/service?

This stage goes hand in hand with the Interest generation part. Once a customer is convinced that your product is something that will do good and fit best to satisfy a particular need, all a customer needs to do is decide to make a purchase.

There are many factors like high price, the quantity or trust issues that could affect this stage. Though their interest in your product has peaked, they could have second thoughts about buying since they are already used to another product for years.

Start by displaying the current offers or create offers that could make your customers give your product a try. Favourable discounts can help you get new customers who might later on stick to your product once they try and like it. 

A lot of cosmetic brands or beauty products brands run BOGO offers once or twice a year so users plan their annual purchases accordingly. Year end sale, Flat 50% sale, all these are awaited so users can save on the original high prices and order in bulk for the year to last.

Another way to get success at this stage is emphasising the USP of your product. Your product could be the only product that is completely organic and has received the highest known approval from a certain organisation in the industry. Stating your USP will definitely give you more edge and raise trust in your product.

And the best way to communicate what makes you stand out is via signages. 

How can signages assist in action leading to purchase?

retail digital signage software

This stage would give your potential customer the final push. Most of the work is done but this stage is equally important to be implemented right. 

Start with call to action items on your signages. Something like “50% off on all products. Offer closes soon. BUY NOW” with a buy now button below. 

You could have a QR code on the signage or next to it to induce visitors in making a purchase. Or you could simply go on to display your contact details to place an order.

The final call to action would get you more orders. This is the reason why having a CTA on your marketing content is very important.  

How can signages be used to retain customers?

retail sale promotion on digital signage

You can grab more sales from repeat customers. Question is what things are to be done to get there?

One time purchase is great but the key to success is building your brand in a way that customers keep coming back. 

You can use retail digital screen to gather feedback, you can use them as a way-finding tool if you own a big store with multiple sections, keep putting up more and more content on new updates on your current product, how it is better and how it will benefit your customer. 

You can also use signages to display the causes you are supporting and the activities towards social responsibility that you are doing to create more awareness about it and indulge your customers towards supporting the cause if they purchase your product. 


Retail digital signage can be used at almost every stage of the AIDA Model. With updated content every week or twice a week, you can grab more attention to your signages and hence market your product and establish a strong brand. 

Make sure to use your brand colours correctly, keep more videos, run your offers more, schedule and plan your content well in advance, have the right form of CTA and content on what to expect from your business in the coming days. 

Reach us out at if you are looking for a smart solution to manage content on your digital displays. 

Smit Nebhwani

Smit Nebhwani is a tech entrepreneur with expertise in successfully building SAAS based products. Boasting over a decade of experience in the startup sector, he takes pleasure in sharing valuable insights on all facets of SAAS products. His extensive experience in the digital signage sector has established him as a reputable authority in the industry, and he channels this expertise through some valuable content. In his free time, Smit enjoys music, travelling and spending time with his family.

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