How to Create a Digital Signage Marketing Strategy?

Getting out of your old marketing habits can be a very big call. We all have TV screens mounted at our business locations for several reasons. Most often than not, they are not used much or have been dead for ages and hence turn out to be a liability. 

What if we were to tell you that these TV screens can add another revenue stream to your services. Surely you all have heard how digital signage are the new big thing in the marketing world. But if not, we are here to educate you:))

Of course  having a digital screen will not just do the trick. You need to go ahead and strategize some amazing content that will drive more attention and conversion for your business.

How Digital Signage can be Used in Different ways?

  • They could be a great way to showcase team achievements
  • You can display your company’s vision/mission statement
  • You can display your webpage there to let people know about the services you offer
  • You can go on to display the news feeds to make the signage more informative
  • They could be used to display your product catalogues
  • You can use them to improve the internal communication within your team
  • You can display your testimonials or feedback to make

A classic example of a successful and meaningful digital marketing strategy is that of Airbnb. They used content marketing in a creative way to connect to their clients and prospective audience. Their neighbourhood guides are often so much of a help to travel freaks who are looking to have their vacay at a specific location.

Since we are talking about digital signage and how they fit into your digital marketing, we can start with how to go about the planning part. 

1. What is the real purpose of your digital marketing strategy?

While choosing digital signage for your marketing strategy, the main goal or purpose behind them needs to be clearly defined. The goals can be something on the similar lines as below: 

  • Decreasing the waiting time of your visitors by 15%
  • Getting more sales leads and increasing sales by an x amount.
  • Getting more conversion leads from your prospective customers 
  • Establishing a better brand presence in 3 months
  • Increasing more sign-ups on your upcoming events or activities
  • Improving the internal communication between different departments
  • Step-up your company culture with motivating content displays

Once the real purpose and goal has been established, it becomes easier to go towards the next step. 

2. What are the outcomes you expect from this activity?

digital signage marketing strategy

This would be nice to be defined in a quantifiable manner. Since you are just starting out with digital signage, it is advisable to go for a decent figure in the initial few weeks or months. 

Eg: If you are a furniture seller and are employing signage at the entrance or at a window display, you can set out with a goal as to have 1000$ worth of sale in the first month or 5 new customers or 100 new walk-ins due to the signage. 

A specifically defined benchmark will help you measure your outcomes and make it easier for you to plan on the next steps. 

3. Who is going to be your target audience?

digital signage for target audience

Your target audience is going to be decided based on the kind of goal that you have established for yourself. 

Once the target audience has been narrowed down, all you need to do is plan the content that works best for you. 

Target audience can be anyone like college students, millennials, married couples, expecting couples, food freaks, travel freaks, anyone who you feel can use your service!

4. How will the content be planned and created?

With your creative juices flowing, surely you will get a lot of ideas on the kind of content you want to display on the signage. 

The better question that remains is how will you create it? It would be nice to have a professional designer but they surely don’t come cheap. 

With the many changes that you might want to do to the system, hiring one would be a lot! 

Our digital signage software come with in-built digital signage template editors that you can use to create a design of your choice.

We also allow you to choose your own images to create the designs. This gives you the freedom to create exactly what you want. 

With the many news feeds apps, you can go on to display news feeds to make the signage more engaging. If you already have something created on google slides, go on to link it with the software and display it. 

The content can be anything in the form of google slides, design images, interactive HTMLs, videos or feeds. 

A gentle mixture of all of these would make the displays even more attention-seeking.

5. How often will the monitoring of the strategy be done?

A weekly monitoring would be ideal. Every Monday, figures can be analysed and any changes or adjustments in the displays, their timing, content, the images, the videos – can be replanned or rescheduled.

With the advanced scheduler feature , the content timings can be adjusted as needed and result-driven content can be displayed during rush hours.

Some important questions to ask before scheduling the content would be:

  • What are your most busy hours?
  • What type of content receives the most attention?
  • Which age-group is most likely to pay attention to signage?
  • Which product of yours needs a boost in promotion?
  • Which placement works best to get the results you expect from signage?

6. Try to get feedback

Get feedback from your staff or maybe loyal customers. Create a feedback form and make sure every visitor at the store fill it out. 

Go on to access the feedback, analyse what they feel about the signage and make changes in your displays accordingly. 

 You can also make changes in the feedback form as time goes on if you feel some refined questions can help you grab more inputs on what is being expected from your services. 

Try to keep the questions yes/no ones so it does not take more time of your customers as well. A couple of open ended questions will do just fine. 

7. Change your current strategy or go to plan B!

There is hardly a chance that your signage strategy will go sideways cause you will eventually start to notice a change in the way customers perceive your business. 

However, there is always something that needs to be improvised, changed or updated. Go on to place the digital signage at different locations every couple of months and see the change.

Decide to then place them at the area where they give the maximum outputs. Increase or decrease the run time of a particular content depending on the interest it generates.

If you are still second-guessing the idea of having signage, you can go on to check out our 7 day free trial . Our software works with any android device. You can check it out on your Android phone too if you are yet to buy a TV or tablets.

Or DM us or reach us out at for questions you might have!

Smit Nebhwani

Smit Nebhwani is a tech entrepreneur with expertise in successfully building SAAS based products. Boasting over a decade of experience in the startup sector, he takes pleasure in sharing valuable insights on all facets of SAAS products. His extensive experience in the digital signage sector has established him as a reputable authority in the industry, and he channels this expertise through some valuable content. In his free time, Smit enjoys music, travelling and spending time with his family.

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