15 Points to Take Care of While Choosing a Digital Signage Software for Your Retail Business

Surely you have noticed those big screens that brands like Walmart, Kroger or Best Buy have with the latest offers or captivating ads. While they might not seem more contributing except for the show, they definitely do more that you can think of!

According to a study, 76% of American consumer stores enter stores they do not know anything about only because of the signage. They have the ability to bump up the purchase amount by 29.5%.

Now that some facts have been established, let’s explore something more about softwares that are used to manage these giant(or small) signages. 

A digital signage software is something that is used to manage content in different formats like images, interactive HTML or videos very easily across remotely placed screens. This is as simple as it can get!

List of 15 important features you should consider in a retail signage software before deciding which one to go with

digital signage software for your retail business

1. They should be cost effective 

Well, the idea of having digital display is great but what it comes to cost, it should be equally analysed. Signage hardware is a one time cost which will stay with you for 4 to 5 years or more if used and taken care of properly. 

As for the software, it will mostly depend on the kind of feature that you are looking to have the most but there are very good ones in the market can be procured at a cost as low as USD 10 monthly. Checkout our pricing

2. They should be cloud-based 

Please take note that it is very important for your software on to be a cloud-based one or else you will not be able to manage the content remotely. There will be no point to having software altogether. 

The software should also have good servers backed up at multiple locations. So in case of any issue or crash or excessive load, it is able to handle it.

3. They should help save time

This is the most important feature that should be taken care of. Instead of going for the big billboards that take a lot of time to be printed and set up, with digital signage, all you need to do is simply update the content schedule like you need and it’s good to go. 

This eliminates the part where your staff needs to go to the actual location to update the content. People do go for pen-drives that have the content to be played but it doesn’t offer the flexibility of updating content remotely. 

4. They need to be stable and secure

Data security offers another layer of protection to your content. Software being cloud-based offer that security. 

The software needs to work without any interruption. Once you are set with them, you can understand that what you need to do now is just update the content which works best on the stability part. 

5. They should help improve customer experience

retail store offer outside digital signage display

Though this is not a feature we are talking about, digital signage do help to deliver customer experience which should be the first ever reason for you to consider them. 

With more attention grabbing and relevant content, videos and interactive HTML, they are the first point of contact that intrigue customers to know more about your services. 

6. They are user-friendly

Since retail signage software is cloud-based, anyone can start using them from their laptop or PC. They take just a few minutes to set up, are flexible with any hardware and just take a few minutes to get any kind of update done. 

Our system giving the ability to define user roles for different sections of the portal, assigning tasks and getting things done quickly get simpler.     

7. They are multi-purposeful

Digital signage can be used for almost anything. They can be used to display almost anything right from emergency announcements, offers, promotions, new products or items on your menu…and the list goes on.

With dynamic content being displayed, it is easy to grab attention and also improve customer experience. These updates only take a few minutes, with our canvas template editor you can create your own design quickly and get things going. 

8. They should be easy to setup and configure 

Most of the signage system are compatible with any TV and if not, there is always a workaround solution for them. 

If you are all set with your content and the hardware , you can start using the signage in a few steps.

9. They should offer the ability to create content 

This is very important. If you are in search of a stable and resourceful signage software, make sure it comes with the ability to create your own content as well. 

We offer several digital signage apps like Template editor, Canvas Editor, RSS Feed, Google Slides and many more using which you can display interesting content that is specific to your needs.

10. They should be easy to operate

digital signage hardware

The process to set up the hardware and content , configure the solution with the TV and get started should be seamless. Most of it needs one time understanding but if you find a signage software hard to operate, maybe you need to check some more options. 

With DotSignage, our motto is ultimate simplicity cause we believe that is what a user needs. We have all our processes straightforward and easy to figure out. 

11. They should have multi-zoning

The best part about digital signage is that a single screen can be divided into multiple zones and a different content can be assigned to each of those zones. 

Some softwares also offers the ability where you can create your own layout as you need and assign content accordingly. 

12. They need to have advanced scheduling

This is one of the best features of a retail signage software that you need. With different kinds of content that you want to roll out on the same screen. 

regular schedular

Select a day and time of your choice and assign the content you have created as needed. With our signage software, you can create a regular scheduler or an event based scheduler as well that can go on for a specific day or time.

13. They should have a ready made template editor 

This is again something you should consider before going on to purchase signage software. With the template editor feature, you can easily create what you need. 

Most of the template editors are a simple drag and drop solution. No expert designers are then needed to go on to create a design that you need.

14. They should have a lot of integrated apps to work with

Many retail signage software do offer many apps like RSS Feeds, Instagram feeds and several others that content creators prefer to grab more attention. 

Most of these apps are content specific so it gets quite easier to decide which one you wish to go for. These apps are also not that difficult to configure. 

15. They help display dynamic content

Unlike the static billboards that only offer the ability to showcase one content at a time and that too with an added cost of the design and the print, with digital signage all those boundaries are removed. 

You can easily go on to display any kind of content on a single screen. If you are using the signage for marketing then it can be used to display some emergency announcements as well. It could also be used to display welcome messages or anything that suits the situation at that point. 

All the content can be managed remotely which makes things even more easier. 

Do you think we missed out on anything from our end? Feel free contact us . Signage are surely anticipated to play a major role in business communications for the coming years. If you have at all given them a slightest of thought, it’s about time you consider them seriously.

Reach us out at info@dotsignage.com if you are interested in checking out software. Or you can try our 7 day free trial

Smit Nebhwani

Smit Nebhwani is a tech entrepreneur with expertise in successfully building SAAS based products. Boasting over a decade of experience in the startup sector, he takes pleasure in sharing valuable insights on all facets of SAAS products. His extensive experience in the digital signage sector has established him as a reputable authority in the industry, and he channels this expertise through some valuable content. In his free time, Smit enjoys music, travelling and spending time with his family.

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