How to set up DotSignage with Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV or Android Box!

DotSignage works with all the Android TVs/Tablets. If you have a normal smart TV, you can either go for Amazon Fire Stick or an Android Box.

How do I turn my TV into a menu board?

If you have a smart tv that is not Android (has Google Play Store), you can get an Amazon Firestick. If you have a tv that is Android, you don’t need to get any additional hardware.

Purchase Your Hardware:

amazon fire stick for signage display

Amazon Firestick

android box for signage screen

Android Box

android tv to run signage software

Android TV

How to download DotSignage on Amazon FireStick?

How to Setup Hardware?

  • Attach the Amazon Firestick or Android Box to the HDMI port of the TV
connect firestick to tv

  • Download the App – ‘DotSignage’ from the play store or amazon app store. 
search dotsignage app

download dotsignage from app store

Once the app is downloaded, you will be asked if you want to automatically start with the device setup. If you select yes, the app will launch itself every time you start the TV or you can go on to do it manually. 

start dotsignage at boot time

  • Once the app is downloaded on the TV, you will see a code like the below image. 
dotsigange hardware pairing code

This code will have to be used in the panel to link the TV. Please note you will need an internet connection to push the content on the TV screens. 

Quick Video

How to Configure Device with Digital Signage Software?

Login with your account details on

or If you don’t have account start using our free trial

1. Go under the device section of the panel

2. Tap on ‘Add Device’ 

add your device in admin panel

3. Name the device

4. Tap on ‘Save and link device’

5. You will be asked to input a pairing code that displays on the TV upon downloading the app. 

add your pairing code in system

6. Input the code and your TV is now connected with the panel. 

start display content on tv screen

How to upload content?

You can either upload your own images to create a design or you can add content via our apps from our app store. Both designs and apps can be added to create a playlist which acts as a media player. This playlist can be scheduled and link to the device . OR you can directly link an app or design to the device.

Feel free to reach us out at for feedback or questions you might have and we will be prompt in our revert.

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