Set up Live Weather Updates on Your TV Screens with DotSignage Through our Newly Added Weather App! 

The weather greatly forms a very integral part of our daily plans. For people living in volatile weather conditions, it gets even more important to have access to accurate weather forecasts.

Right from deciding what to wear for the day according to the weather to deciding if to go for that trip or any outdoor activity you have planned, accurate weather updates can help you in a lot of ways.

In 2022, the number of app downloads in the weather segment was projected to be around 734.1 million. Now, this is a number you can hardly miss!

If you are in any way employing a TV screen and have a segment of visitors who might want to know live weather updates, we have just the right thing for you.

We have recently integrated Weather App to our solution that you can start using on your TVs in a matter of minutes and keep your visitors updated with real-time weather updates.

The setup practically takes only 2 minutes, and you are good to getting started with live weather updates.

display live weather on tv screen

Follow these simple steps to get started

  • Under our ‘App Store’ section, select the ‘Weather App’
  • Click on ‘Create Weather App’
  • Enter the name and city
weather app setup and configuration
  • Select the weather unit (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Preview the app with details for the upcoming 4 days along with the city, current date, weekday and time.
preview of weather app sertup

After creating your Weather App, you can assign it to either a section of your TV or the entire screen by navigating to the Device Section. From there, click on ‘Add what to Play’ and choose the Weather App from the App Section in the pop-up window.

If you want to incorporate the weather app into a slideshow, you can add it to a Playlist.

It’s pretty straightforward and you can utilize your screen space wisely with this app.

Refer to this blog if you want to learn more about multi-zoning your TV screen with DotSignage.

Here are different ways you can put the weather app to good use on your TV screens with DotSignage.:

1) Use it as a ticker app to utilize your screen space well

use weather as ticker

This is the most ideal way a weather app is used. You get the scope of displaying what you need to on major part of the screen along with the flexibility of showing the weather updates on the screen.

As a ticker, the weather updates keep rolling at the end of the screen. We see a lot of news channels use this format where they display daily news, commentaries, ads and other content on the main part of the screen and use the weather app in the lower pane.

2) Dedicate an entire screen to show weather updates

display weather on full screen

If you want to dedicate a screen only to weather updates, then you need to do nothing more. Based on the weather, it also specifies the conditions like overcast, cloudy, clear, windy, frosty and other kinds.

The screen color also changes according to the Sunrise and Sunset. The forecast is displayed for the coming 4 days.

3) Use the 50-50 layout like a vertical split or a horizontal split

display weather with hotel interior

When you’re looking for a way to keep your screen from getting too crowded and yet have a mix of different variety of content, it’s time to consider dividing your screen into two equal parts.

You can assign one section of the screen to weather updates, and the other section will be dedicated to other content. You can create a slideshow on one section for different content and allot the weather app to the section.

4) Use the 70-30 layout vertical split

promote your hotel amenities with weather

This layout is again a very nice way of using your screen space wisely. With this layout, neither the weather app goes unnoticed nor does the content on 70 percent of the screen.

With DotSignage, you can easily create a slideshow on the main part of the screen and let it play in a loop. You can also so much as to assign a video playlist to it.

5) Use equal horizontal split with vertical split in the lower pane (for Landscape mode)

multizone tv screen example

This is a three zoned layout where you are free to assign the weather app in whichever section that works best for you. It would majorly depend on which section you wish to highlight the most.

This section specifically comes in handy if you have placed a very big screen and each section is suitable enough to give a vivid look to the content assigned to it. This kind of layout can specifically be used in the lobby area of a big corporate, a news agency or any business who tends to have lots of visitors on a daily basis.

6) Use equal vertical Split with a horizontal split to the left or right pane (Portrait Mode)

This is again a three zoned layout but for the portrait mode. The weather app can be assigned to any section as per your needs.

Again, businesses that have different varieties of visitors coming to their offices daily can go on to use this kind of layout with a specific section assigned to the weather app.

7) Divide the entire screen into 3 equal vertical zones

divide your screen in 3 part

This is again an ideal way to divide your screens if you have a big screen that when divided, still manages to give each section a clear and concise look.

This layout is typically used at Airports where people traveling from one location to another get a fairly well idea about the weather conditions of their destination.

Tourist spots with Hotels or Motels can go on to use this layout with the weather app too, so the tourists know about the weather conditions and plan their travel accordingly.

With Dot Signage, you get access to numerous apps that can help you utilize your screen space well and make it more informative. The best part of it is that our solution is very economical, and you get access to several content-specific apps. We keep adding more every few months too.

Sign-up for our 7-day free trial to check out our weather app or drop us your inquiry at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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