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Weather App


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How to Publish Menu on TV Screen

Keep your visitors, customers or onlookers updated real-time with our weather app so they can take precautions or stay informed. Auto-populate the TV screen with live weather information and employ our weather app to your benefit.

How our weather app will help you?

  • Keeps your customers updated with live weather forecasts
  • Warns on extreme weather conditions to help viewers plan their activities accordingly
  • Businesses can benefit by planning their offerings according to the weather conditions
  • Any business can use this app as a small section on their screens to keep their customers informed about weather updates

How to use?

  • Under our ‘App Store’ section, select the ‘Weather App’
  • Click on ‘Create Weather App’
  • Enter the name and city
  • Select the weather unit (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Preview the app with details for the upcoming 4 days along with the city, current date, weekday and time.

Why choose DotSignage?

  • Quick to setup and use

    You don’t need download any different software or go about searching for widgets to use this weather app. We have integrated it with our software so all you need to do is just create the app with your name and city.

  • Use it as a ticker to use your screen space effectively

    You can also use this app in a ticker format and use your screen space more wisely. This specially comes in handy to any kind of business be it retail space, restaurants or corporates. They can display their content above and use the weather app as a ticker.

  • Get forecast for upto 4 days

    You get details on everything right from the city, the current date, weekday, time and the forecast for the upcoming 4 days. This makes it easier for your customers and onlookers to have a fairly well idea for the coming days. The color of the screen also changes according to the timing of the days.

  • Configure the app from anywhere

    You can be at New York and still manage to configure the weather for Connecticut and that too in a matter of minutes. The system being cloud-based, lets you access and display weather updates on your TV screens from practically anywhere.

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