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display meeting plan on signage
share google doc files on tv
share meeting details on tv screen

Display google docs on TV screens to note down the minutes of a meeting, input comments so everyone can view it or discuss your ideas with your teammates.

How will the Google Docs app help you?

  • It's a habit for all of us to note down every idea, to-dos or any kind of content that will be helpful in the future on Google docs. If you are planning to brainstorm with your teammates, you can easily plugin to Google Docs app.
  • A great way to put the doc on TV and put MOMs during meetings and conferences so everyone knows what has happened and can create a list for it as well.
  • Meeting agendas can be displayed to make the members aware about the discussion so they can add to it as needed.
  • It is easy to discuss things with team members who are at remote locations since they can as well open it up on their TV screens to join the discussion.

Steps to use the Google docs app?

  • Login to your dashboard with DotSignage
  • Go under the App Store section
  • Go into the app ‘Google Docs’ App
  • Input the google doc link and the page refresh time
  • Publish, link the app to device and go live

Why choose DotSignage?

  • Helps you present and share your ideas on the big screen

    If you have your content ideas jotted down on Google docs, you can easily display them on the big screen and go ahead to discuss it or finetune it as needed.

  • The process of using the app is quick and easy

    Even if the things are not planned well in advance, within a few minutes you can get started. Getting it on the TV screen is not a major or a time taking task. Within a few minutes, you are good to get started with the Google docs app.

  • Anyone from the team can use this app

    If due to certain reasons, if you are not able to take care of the content in the doc and get going with it, anyone from your team can as well gain access to it, present it on the big screen and take it further with the other members without having to wait.

  • Access the work saved from anywhere

    Again due to the cloud-based nature of the system, you could be at one corner of the world and other teammates at the other end, it gets easier to get hold of the latest doc. Though this feature is in-built in google doc, how DotSignage helps is that if you are to have a conference virtually, this can be of great help.

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