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Why choose DotSignage?

A smart way to showcase your services

For companies that do not want to create a digital brochure or catalogue, they can simply open their product page link on the TV via Web Scroll and display their products/offerings.

A good way to engage visitors at the reception area

It is always a good way to grab more attention by displaying your vision and mission on the TV screen so it gets due attention. Even employees while entering the office area can take note of it.

Display any webpage or blog sites to grab attention

Interesting blog post pages or web pages can be displayed to grab attention. Viewers always want some interesting display and with web scroll all you need to do is get the web page linked with the app and let it do its work.

Streamline displays across different locations

The same webpage content can be displayed at multiple locations if you are an organisation that has multiple locations. The best part is everything that can be managed remotely.