10 Ideas of Using Retail Digital Signage to Improve Sales and Customer Experience!

We cannot underestimate the power that digital signage for retail stores have on its onlookers. They definitely impact and influence the purchasing decisions of your customers.

That said, you need to have at least one at your retail space. They are said to bump up your average purchase amount by 29.5%

What is Retail Digital Signage?

It is that TV screen or a digital display you see in retail stores that show a variety of content right from the offers, promotions, any branding activity or a message that the particular store wants its customers to know about.

You don’t see flyers, brochures or pamphlets anymore. Digital communication is way more attention grabbing and result-driven. 64% of digital signage users say that increased customer engagement is the main benefit of digital signage.

But having digital screens in retail stores is not the end of the story. You need to put up some eye-popping content out there.

Today we bring you our top ideas that could be great as a display on your retail digital signage screen.

Start with the running offers and promotions

offer promotion on digital signage

The current offers and promotions that you run at your store need to be made known to your potential customers. In-store digital signage is the best medium using which any kind of promotional content can be showcased.

You can also schedule this content well in advance such that you don’t need to update it at the very time when the promotion starts.

Place the signage strategically. You can place them next to the section to which the particular offer pertains. That way, customers can know about it and plan their purchases accordingly.

Highlight your USP Products

product promotion on digital screen

If you own a shop that serves a particular range of customers or specific niche products, having a shopping signage that displays what makes your products better over others or unique can be the start of it.

Don’t go for just text or only images. A beautiful combination of different content can create a very good impression on your shoppers. Make sure to have a video. They definitely grab more attention.

You can also have top picks of your products at your storefront digital signage so they are specifically noticed. It could also happen that you might get more footfalls and purchases when people outside start noticing your storefront signage.

Share your brand story

Your brand story is important not only to you but also for your loyal customers.

How it started, what makes you different, the social responsibility activities the brand upholds and the values your brand stands for, all these could lead to an amazing brand story that people need to know about.

The better part that a brand story does is it communicates emotions that can directly connect with anyone.

Big brands like Nike, Google, Apple, IKEA or Marks & Spencer are known to reach their customer base with their brand stories. Google is known to make an emotional impact, Nike is known to break the format, Marks & Spencer is known to focus more on the quality of its products via its storytelling.

Create an amazing UGC Wall

User generated content also carries a charm that is hard to resist. It’s clean, unfiltered and sets the emotions right. It is also a great way to grab more loyal customers, hold your credibility standing, build more trust and improve your conversion rates.

Display these wonderful stories by your customers on signage at your store next to the particular product and it will definitely work in your favour. If you have a famous youtuber vlogging your content or the industry icon endorsing your product on their social media handle, make sure to have it out there.

Ensure these stories are at the forefront if not on multiple signage since they tend to grab more attention in that area.

Display videos on the production process

Videos on how your product is being prepared can be very interesting. If you are running a company that stands for environmentally friendly products and an organic approach, customers would want to see how your products are being prepared.

Display a good prepared video of your entire production process accompanied with the helpful text on the signage.

This helps you get more appeal to your target audience and in a way get a loyal group of customers.  It also establishes more trust since you are transparent about the way your products are made.

People would want to pay a little higher price for your products as opposed to others when they start noticing the authenticity of products and services.

Show your customer reviews to gain trust

More than 90% of customers go through the reviews before making any purchase. This proves how important it is to have customer reviews (mostly the good ones!).

You can start by collecting your product reviews from Google and Yelp. Create a slideshow of the reviews and start displaying your retail store reviews on digital signage screens. By doing so, you will induce more confidence among customers to purchase your products.

Some customers do go out of the way to provide a detailed review on their experience. Make sure to display it on the screen for a longer time so customers can read it fully. Such reviews are always helpful and may get your many orders.

It might also prompt customers to provide their reviews ultimately helping you build a loyal customer base.

Partner with other brands and benefit mutually

promote beauty product in salon

Your main product might need some other accompanied products as well unless you are offering them yourselves. If you only offer hardware and not the accompanied software, customers would want some help on that part.

You can partner with a reliable software provider and go to display more of its details on the signage. This would be of mutual benefit to both you and the software partner.

If you own a dog food store, you can collaborate with dog shelters prompting customers to adopt dogs from there. If you own a salon, you can partner with a beauty care shop and both of you could run mutual offers and promotions.

Create a slideshow of what makes your brand different

If you are offering something unique and solving a specific problem for your customers, they ought to know about it.

Go on to create some amazing templates that market your product well, bring forth the benefits of your products over others and go on to display them on the signage.

By doing so, you would be able to take a step further in establishing your strong brand image. The best part is you can keep adding meaningful content to your signage from time to time to keep it interesting for your shoppers.

Display a web scroll of your website

Your website is everything customers need to know about your products. It is the first point of contact for your customers.

If you are limited in spending and don’t want to have a designer different marketing material for you, you can start by displaying your website at the retail stores on the signage.

With the web scroll feature that signage software offers, you don’t need to worry about the entire web page covered on the signage.

With the right content on your signage, you can get a significant increase in your footfalls, sales and improve your customer experience . With the right kind of signage software, you can easily plan your content well in advance or make instant changes as needed and get things going.

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